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TDDDS Affiliates
If you're interested in becoming one, send me your site name, url and your name and I'll get back to you.

If you run a woman/women of wrestling website: it's not required but it would be very much appreciated if you'd sign up with the Venus Ring as well. (I live for cheap plugs ;)) WWF Supervixen: Trish Stratus The Debra Fan Club
The Golden Haired Fox TheTerriRunnellsShrine
WOW Graphics Y2J Dedication American Dream: A Molly Holly Fan Site
Test Haven TOAOJ - Jacqueline The Rock's Eelectrifying Webpage
Poetry In Motion  Hardy Boys/Lita The People's Pages Y2J Online
Jerichiks Christian Net Terri Online
The Marvelous Major Just Beyond The Dance Floor (Paisley/Ms Jones) Belles Femmes (Female Celebrities)
Glitter  A Jackie Tribute ResoCope: An Edge & Christian Fan Club Independent Women, a clique
Beauté De  Stacy Keibler Don't Judge Me Campaign Xtreme Campaigns
Blonde Ambition  Stacy, Torrie, Trish VKMFanClub Jim's Divas Page