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April 13 - More results and such...

On Heat, from what I understand, Debra, Jeff and Owen mocked Kane and X-Pac, and ended up in a three way tag match with Kane/X-Pac and the New Age Outlaws. I'm guessing X-Pac and Kane won :P

On RAW, Val started hitting on Debra, who didn't seem too put out by it. In fact, Jeff and Owen had to practically drag her out of the ring. Hee. Then after the commercials, Jeff and Owen came out to fight...someone. Ministry ran in and Taker said he was going to sacrifice Debra tonight. First a bloodbath, now a sacrifice...that's gotta suck. Anyway, she was saved when Shamrock ran in with a baseball bat and threatened to kill Taker. Or something. started a new section for the women called The Chix Click. It's got all sortsa stuff about Debra on it (natch), so go see it. [This section became Polly]

I'm too lazy right now to post some of Debra's other personal appearances, so go see's Chatterbox News for updates. I'll get pics and results of last week's RAW and Heat up at some point this week, and I'll also move the March stuff to a new page. Can't think of anything beyond that.


April 22 - A few things...

For Canadian fans: Debra's going to be on TSN's Off The Record tonight at 6:00 p.m. I believe the Honky Tonk Man is also going to be on the show. I'll be taping it and I'll get a report of some sort up probably on Friday. Yay me! Heh.

As far as I know, Debra, Jeff and Owen weren't on Heat this week, but they were on RAW (pictures are up). Owen fought Road Dogg, who added a "stipulation": If Road Dogg won, Debra would have to take her top off. *rolls eyes* Anyway, predictably, Owen lost and Debra started to take her shirt off, but Jeff ran in and covered her up with the guitar, then led her away.

Can't think of anything else at the moment Debra related. Oh, except that people on the Net have been calling the guys "Canadian Country"...but as far as I know, Debra never announced the name for the team. On the site, they just refer to them as Jeff and Owen, not "Canadian Country" (which doesn't make sense anyway, since Jeff's from Tennessee).


April 27 - RAW, etc...
Not a bad RAW last night (except the Brood lost again, DAMMIT!).

It was supposed to be Jeff vs. The Godfather in a non-title match (Godfather's the IC champ, fyi) but Jeff demanded that he put the title on the line. Godfather agreed, but said that if Jeff lost, Debra would have to become a ho! The ho's (and most of the people in the audience) started cheering, and Debra actually seemed to like the idea. You know, this lacked a certain something without the King at ringside squealing and raving.

During the match, Val Venis came down to ringside and began chatting up Debra. Then Nicole Bass -- who has a "thing" for Val -- came charging to ringside, demanding to know what Val was doing. Val ran away. Nicole began screaming, "WHERE ARE YOU GOING VAL?!" which for some reason had me in hysterics. Debra seemed to be amused, but Jeff had been properly distracted and the Godfather won! Debra started climbing the stairs to enter the ring, but Owen ran out and dragged her away. Godfather seemed disappointed, until the ho's ran in the ring know...

There are a couple of Debra articles over at SLAM! Wrestling; in one, she mentions that she has not yet named the tag team! So they are NOT "Canadian Country" officially. Also, she was on "Jane Hawtin Live" with Chyna last week. Had I known I would have watched [argh], but from what I understand she didn't say too much at all, so no loss there I guess?

Oh, and Backlash results from In a match that would rocket one team to a title shot against Kane and X-Pac on Thursday's UPN "Smackdown" special, the New Age Outlaws took on Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett accompanied by a very scantily clad Debra! Prior to the bout, the Outlaws wanted Debra to show her puppies, but once again Jarrett kept her from bearing the bombs! Both teams exchanged a number of high-velocity shots, with Owen and Jeff concentrating their attack on Road Dogg. Debra's big boys appeared to have the match in hand as Owen had Road Dogg in the Sharpshooter. However, Billy landed the Fame-Ass-Er on the Calgary native, giving the Outlaws the win!


April 30 - Smackdown!

WOO! The Blue Blazer returned last night, saying the WWF needs a superhero now, because "there's too much...cleavage and Val--well, you know what his name rhymes with." Heh.

The Blue Blazer (a.k.a. Owen) vs. Val Venis - Before the match, Debra and Jeff were shown in the back, looking for Owen, saying he had a match. Then they showed the Blue Blazer running along the hall saying, "The WWF needs a hero! WOO!"

Back from commercials, Jeff says he can't find Owen which pisses him off, so he's going to fight Val instead. The Blazer runs in from behind and beats on Val. Debra eventually gets onto the apron and tries to distract Val, who does his own little grind.

Unfortunately, Blazer missed a clothesline and Val countered with a pin attempt. Debra's distracted the ref and Jeff ran in and kicked the, er, "big Valbowski". Good thing it's not real. The kick I, anyway, Blazer got the win.

After the match, Nicole Bass came out and stalked Val again. RUN VAL RUN!! The the Godfather comes out to claim Debra; he takes out Jeff and Blazer, and Debra acts as though she's going to join him, but The Blazer and JJ escorted her away. Commercial break, then they showed Blazer in the back with Kevin Kelly (see first paragraph).


May 4 - RAW, etc

Debra appeared on RAW last night to take on Sable in an Evening Gown match. However, Sable wussed out and sent Nicole Bass to take her place.

Debra almost immediately forefitted, tearing off her dress and posing to the crowd. Nicole attempted to chokeslam her, until Jarrett ran out and clocked her good with the guitar. Val ran out and was beating on Jeff, then he scooped Debra up and carried her off.

After commericals they showed "footage" of Val talking to Debra backstage...just before Jeff runs in and he and Val start beating the hell out of each other. Hee.

Also heard that Debra's going to be on Between The Ropes tonight at 10. I don't know all the details (sorry, I'm real tired right now, can't think) but it'll be up on their site in Real Audio at some point. Oh, and in case anyone's interested, Christian (of the Brood--yay!) is supposed to be on Off The Record at some point this week. What a cutie.

Also, the WWF did a photo shoot with the women on Monday, the pictures are to be exclusives on the Chix Click section. Not sure if they're on yet. And finally, UPN is (at least thinking about) picking up Smackdown! for the fall season. It's supposed to be on Tuesdays, though.


May 11 - RAW, Heat, etc

From what I understand, Debra was only on Heat for a few minutes to distract Val Venis in his match against Billy Gunn; Jeff then came out and dragged her away. As usual.

On RAW: Better start at the beginning. Shawn Michaels returned to announce new matches, one of which was a return Evening Gown Match between Sable and Debra--for the Women's title.

Debra vs. Sable, Women's Title: HBK is doing commentary and continually makes fun of sable, even stealing some of my lines! Jerk. Debra enters alone while Sable appears with Nicole Bass. Sable does her "grind" (is it just me or does it look like she's having a fit?) and then Val Venis's music plays and out he comes, distracting Debra. Sable rips off Debra's dress and it appears that Debra has lost. HBK runs into the ring [I'm actually starting to hate Shawn Michaels a bit less, this is firghtening!] and says that Sable obviously sees the rules of an Evening Gown match differently than he does, and says that the woman who gets her dress torn off is the WINNER!

Which means that..Debra is the new WWF Women's champ! WOOHOO!! I know she's not a wrestler, but neither is Sable and at least Debra can swing a guitar. As Val is leaving ringside (being chased by Nicole Bass), Jeff runs out and whaps him with a guitar. Later on, Val is shown in the back, totally pissed off and challenges Jeff to a match tonight.

Fast forward a bit...Jeff and Debra (with the belt! Hee!) walk out and Jeff grabs the mic, mimicking Val's speech. No offence Jeff, but it's just not the same. Regardless, the match is on. Debra jumps up on the ring apron and takes her shirt off. Val, who had been on the top rope ready to smush Jeff, jumps off and runs over to flirt with her. They end up necking; Debra tosses the Women's belt to Jeff and shoves Val away, slapping him! Jeff takes the belt and belts him with it. [Bad joke. I know.] Jeff gets the win.

I'm gonna start posting house show results [hopefully] from now on. The only thing I can remember lately is that on May 7 Jeff and Owen fought the Brood, and when Debra tried to distract them, Gangrel carried her off. *snort* (Hey, that reminds me, it's been two weeks since I've seen the Brood on TV! How unfair...)


May 13 - Appearances, etc

To start with, The LAW did an interview with Debra recently. I haven't heard it yet myself, but it should be good. [Note: You'll need RealPlayer to hear it] has an article [courtesy of El Tigre] on Debra winning the belt: Please Don't Hurt The Puppies! [This isn't an active link least, not that I'm aware of. - Polly]

The July issue of George Magazine will be profiling Debra (and Steve Austin). Also, tonight [Thursday May 13] Entertainment Tonight is doing a story on the ladies of the WWF, so I assume Debra's going to be on. I'll keep an eye out for it.

At the house show in Tallahassee [sp? sorry, I'm Canadian :P] Florida, Jeff and Owen beat The Brood. I dunno if Debra did anything during the match, some of the reports were kind of, er, difficult to understand (shall we say).

I can't think of anything else. If I missed an appearance or something, lemme know.


May 18 - RAW, etc.

No Debra or team [what the hell are they called, anyway?] on Heat last night, but Val Venis (along with Nicole Bass) challeneged Debra and Jeff to a mixed-tag match at Over The Edge this coming Sunday. Oh lord, this can't be good...

However, on RAW: It was Jeff and the Blazer vs. Godfather & Val Venis. During the match, Nicole Bass wandered out and began harassing Debra. Jeff was thrown out of the ring and dragged Debra away. Godfather hit the Pimp Drop on Blazer and got the pin!

Also, I caught only the tail end of Shotgun on the weekend (damn Canadian station keeps changing the time!): It was Jeff Jarrett vs. Edge, and while Debra tried to distract Edge by taking her top off, Gangrel and Christian ran into the ring. The ref was "admonishing" Debra, and the Brood gave Jeff a...well, I guess it was a triple powerbomb or something? Not sure. End result, Edge won and slunk out of the ring, grinning at Debra. *snort*


June 8 - A few things...

Sorry for not updating in so long, but after Owen's death, I just didn't feel much like updating the page. Anyway, not much news lately...

On RAW last night, Debra was supposed to face Nicole Bass for the Women's title. However, Debra changed it to a bikini contest; if Nicole won, Debra would grant her a title shot. If Debra won, well, no title shot. Afterwards JR says that The King should be the special referree, and he readily agrees. [What a dork *snort*]

So: Debra (w/Jeff Jarrett) vs. Nicole Bass (w/Val Venis) - Nicole disrobed first and posed in the ring. While Val gushed about her, Debra seemed unimpressed. Finally, she took off her robe and I think we all know who won. (Though Lawler screwed up and said "Nicole", then quickly corrected himself) Debra kissed Lawler on the cheek. Val and Nicole grabbed Jeff and as Nicole was about to smash the guitar over his head, Debra pulled him out of the way and the guitar hit Val instead. Val and Nicole argue and then Nicole dumps Val! HAH!

On Heat, Jeff fought Mark Henry (w/D'Lo & Ivory). Debra got on the apron and began unbuttoning her top, distracting Henry. Ivory interrupted and tried to strangle Debra with her scarf. An all-out-brawl ensued until Austin came down and stunned D'Lo and Henry. The match was a no-contest (I think). Jeff came back out later and whapped Ken Shamrock over the head with his guitar and busted him open pretty bad...

Some other stuff: Sable was none too happy about dropping the belt to Debra. The two allegedly "had words" backstage about the fact that Sable was being too rough when she tried to rip Debra's dress off. Now that Sable's gone [WOOHOO!] it looks like Debra's going to be feuding with Nicole Bass. For a little while anyway.

Several people are mentioning that Debra and Steve Austin are dating. How cute :)


June 13 - Heat results...

There's a new Supersoaker ad featuring Debra and Jeff. It's all in black and white and starts with Jeff complaining about not having choices with water guns. Then Debra appears and they get into a water fight. Too cute!

Anyway, Debra and Jeff's first appearance of the show was during Jerry Lawler's backstage interview with Test. Test was saying that he and Stephanie McMahon had decided to just stay friends when JJ & Debra walked past. Jeff warned Test not to look at Debra as she's "his property". Don't go there Jeff.

Then they went out to the ring for an interview with JR. Jeff told JR to announce HIM first, not Debra. He kept talking and Debra did not seem impressed. Finally Test walked out and challenged Jeff to a match tonight for the IC title. Jeff accepted.

Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) vs. Test: IC belt on the line. At the end, the ref got knocked out (hey! it's Harvey Whipleman! Where's he been?) and Shamrock ran in to knock out Jeff, then put Test on him for the pin. Debra, however, entered the ring and told the ref what happened. So Harvey reversed the decision and gave the belt back to Jeff.

Not much else besides that. Someone mentioned that Debra may show up with Austin at a monster truck show or something--I wasn't paying much attention, sorry.


June 15 - RAW...

Women's Title Match - Debra (w/Jeff Jarrett) vs. Ivory: Not much actual wrestling here, mostly hair pulling and such, but eventually Debra got a hold of Ivory's scarf and choked her with it. Too bad Nicole Bass stepped in and pummeled Debra. Ivory pinned her and we have a new Women's champ! ACK! Well at least Ivory can actually wrestle (no offence to Debra, but...)