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FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 2001

UPDATED: I've updated the Merchandise section with stuff from and two auctions on eBay. Smackdown report and pictures are in the Smackdown section

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SPOILERS: Same drill as last time - highlight the text between the brackets for Debra's Smackdown spoilers: [On the video-tron, Vince relieves Debra of her managerial services for the Rock]
Thanks to Lords of Pain

SEMI-DEBRA RELATED: Steve "Mongo" McMichael apparently got re-married over the weekend! Congratulations, Steve :)

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MONDAY, MARCH 26, 2001

MOVED: The Jamaica photos have been moved to their own section

ADDED: Two new affiliates — Ivory's World, WOW Graphics — and a new link to General Sites

I'm not sure yet if Debra's going to be on RAW tonight; presumably she will if the Rock and Austin are going to be there, but nothing's confirmed yet.

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Well I for one am shocked...somehow TDDDS managed to win 1st place for Best Debra Site and 1st place for Best Original Site Title in the Galaxy of Divas Site Awards! I think it's a fluke, but I'm tickled pink anyway :) Thanks to all who voted, and don't forget about the other awards to your left to vote for me in *cough hack*...

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SPOILERS: Highlight the text (press down on the left button of your mouse and drag the cursor over the white space between the brackets) to read the spoilers for Smackdown: [Debra is mentioned several times in the Austin/Rock interview (naturally), and ends up escorting the Rock for his main event match. It's too complicated to recap but when Rock refuses to break the sharpshooter on Benoit after the match, Vince comes out and gets in his face. He gets a Rock Bottom but Rock is immediately put in the ankle lock by Kurt Angle. He releases it eventually but when Debra comes in to check on the Rock, he re-applies it. Austin makes the save and even throws Debra beer.] Thanks to Lords of Pain

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THE SITE: You can follow all the trials and tribulations of the last couple of days in the mailinglist archives. The pages are being changed over to the new design as fast as I can get to them; for now just ignore any inconsistences—inconsists—oh blah.

DEBRA ON RAW: It was only a brief appearence, along with husband Steve, at the airport for a quick segment. She didn't accompany the Rock to ringside, nor did she appear at all during the main event. Should have some images by later today/tomorrow.

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SPOILERS: None. Apparently Debra won't be on Smackdown! tomorrow, nor on Heat. (boo!)

UPDATE: I came up with a simple new design for the gallery, but that freaking ad banner is still messing it up. I am beyond pissed off about this, and this is the last time I will ever use 9ug and I would not recommend it to anyone else. *spews profanities madly* The new design isn't on all of the pages yet, but I think you can still access everything.

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ADDED: RAW report and 16 pictures; new additions to PHOTOS/MISCELLANEOUS and PHOTOS/CANDID. While on the topic of the Gallery, I'm just not having any luck with it—9ug has now decided to impliment humongous banners on every page and I'll have to fix the frames HTML before anyone can see it again. Will I keep it on that server or move the whole flipping section? I don't know. For now, it's staying put.

PLUG: There's still time to vote for this site in the Galaxy of Divas Site Awards and The Divas of Wrestling Awards...wink-wink ;)

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FRIDAY, MARCH 09, 2001

ADDED: Smackdown report and 37 pictures; news on the Jamaica photo shoot/RAW Magazine special and a new Divas video have been added to NEWS/LATEST. "Debra-isms" section has opened with ONE — count 'em ONE! — WHOLE QUOTE! Heh.

UPDATED: DEBRA/MISCELLANEOUS information now includes a list of people Debra has managed to date. I think I may be missing one or two but close enough for now :)

RUMOUR: Since this is a possible spoiler, I changed the text colour so those who don't want to know don't have to read it. If you're interested in a possible outcome for the Debra/Austin/Rock angle, highlight what's between the brackets. [Early speculation has it that Debra will turn on the Rock at Wrestlemania and side with Steve Austin. Kind of an obvious move I'd think, but whaddo I know...]

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THE SITE: I tried to make the 800x600 layout, but I can't tell if it looks OK or not! If anyone using that screensize wants to e-mail me and let me know, it'd be much appreciated.

ADDED: Spoilers for tomorrow night's Smackdown - Debra's actually on a handful of times. Two new wallpapers have been added, thanks to Hasan Zaidi. I'll begin uploading the old TV images ASAP.

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Woah! I just tried viewing the site in 800x600 and egads! - I'll try working on a smaller version that'll fit in that size screen today. I almost have the damn capturing stuff set up, but there are still some problems with it. Honestly. If I'd known it was going to be this much trouble, I never would've bought the junk in the first place :P

And did I mention that Debra was on RAW last night? Because she was! Finally! You can read more about it in NEWS/RAW, along with some images. I'll probably be updating the site all day, so keep checking back.

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SUNDAY, MARCH 04, 2001

OK, OK, not really an update today but I had to plug the awards I'm nominated in. Heh. Trying to come up with original ideas for this site is proving harder than I originally thought — aside from the webring (which I should start plugging I suppose) there isn't a lot left. Suggestions would be helpful.

One idea I had was to start a campaign to get Debra back on TV but again, not sure I'll go through with it. I'd really like to see Debra back on TV as soon as possible though. I've decided, I think, to start using the message board more and will try putting polls up and starting discussions there. Hope it works out :)

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TOMORROW: is Debra's birthday! Life's been hectic and I completely forgot about it until today, so if anyone has any birthday wishes for Debra they'd like me to add to the site, e-mail me and I'll put up a special section for it

ADDED: One new affiliate, several new Candid photos (PHOTOS/CANDID) and all 17 wallpapers! TV images are next

MOVED: The gallery, yet again. I hope and pray that this will be the permanent home for it from now on

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Just a bit of non-Debra news at the moment...I'm sure everyone's heard by now that Stacy "The Kat" Carter was fired, and her husband Jerry "The King" Lawler has quit in protest. Although I wasn't a huge fan of the Kat, I did like Jerry and I wish them both the best.

There's not much to update yet; I really wish the WWF would get off their collective ass and do something about Debra. *argh* But I did finally remember to add a snailmail address for the WWF to write Debra c/o (in FANS/SUPPORT). If anyone does and hears back from her, let me know!

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UPDATED: Debra/Merchandise (new eBay auctions)

ADDED: Debra/FAQ and Debra/Steve Austin, plus a new affiliate and another Diva awards nomination bid! (See plugs) Heh.

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The photo portion of the GALLERY should be ready in the next couple of hours, the rest of it's gonna take a lot longer. Also added a new question to FANS/POLL. I may be making more changes/updates to the site and may or may not mention them here. Depends on how busy and/or lazy I am. Heh.

I'm tentativley considering starting the webring—if you'd like to see what it'll look like, copy/paste this url:

So much for WWFDivas having the Jamaican photos up by January, but they have posted a new batch of the New York series. All 20 of Debra's newest are in GALLERY/PHOTOS/STUDIO. Enjoy :)

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I've closed the GALLERY for now. I'm a little pissed with BigSiteCity's ad banners, which completely ruin the layout. Dorks. I'm looking for a more suitable host at the moment, and hopefully I can get everything set up later today, including the old TV Stills.

Cripes, this site just has one problem after another, doesn't it? I think it's cursed :P

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FANS section is now available! I think I've gotten all the main pages changed over to the new colours—I'll get around to fixing the gallery later. I'm curious: are there actually any active women of wrestling webrings/cliques out there? I've only seen maybe 2 and there are only on average about 2 sites in each. Hmph.

Maybe more updates later...

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20 new photos added to GALLERY/STUDIO! The entire gallery looks terrible right now with me trying to convert it to the new colours and all; I'll try my best to clear it up within the week. No news or even rumours on Debra lately, so I have no idea when she's gonna be back on TV, or what her role will be. According to Jim Ross the WWF writers have new and "exciting" storylines planned—so what's the hold up?? :P

Err, new section PLUGS will feature shameless self-promotion from yours truly and anything else I feel like putting on the site. Enjoy.

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(Argh! I'm having such a bad week! Sorry for the lack of updates). Made some cosmetic changes to the site and will probably fix up some of the graphics today and/or tomorrow. Whatcha think? has put up a special Valentine's Day section where all the Divas reveal their fantasy Valentines. Debra's is fairly short but sweet and I've added it to DEBRA/WORDS. Also updated LINKS/DEBRA with new links and removing outdated ones.

Just spotted a new Debra action figure at — The Titan Tron Series Live Double Slam Series 3 (*whew*) will feature a package deal of Debra and Steve Austin figures. Visit their webpage for more details.

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Oops! I meant to have posted this update yesterday; better late than never. Scanned in some photos from the 02/01 RAW Magazine (GALLERY/PHOTOS/SCANS). Debra has been doing some guest ring announcer work during house shows, but nothing memorable enough for me to post each report. Plus it was reported in the 03/01 WWF Magazine that Debra was first runner up for Diva Of The Year with 12.9% of the vote! Congratulations Debra!

I'm working on a new layout for the Gallery section as the server's banners are screwing it up big time. And I'm sorry there hasn't been much to update lately but I'm like thisclose to getting my capturing equipment set up (finally!). I'll do my best to have lots'n'lots of Debra photos and clips up ASAP.

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Just a quick update today - Added a article on Debra & Chyna's friendship to DEBRA/WORDS. It's an interesting read. New Debra t-shirt in DEBRA/MERCHANDISE!

Plus: if you head over to's News/Headlines section, you can vote for Debra in their latest poll: "Who should be the next to join Right To Nudity?" I'll try next week to get the FAN section moved over to the new server.

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Meant to get this update in yesterday but...Photos of Debra at the OVW show and a scan from Chyna's book have been added to PHOTOS/CANDID. Many thanks to and Ice Princess Chyna—who've been added to LINKS/CREDIT and LINKS/DEBRA respectively.

And thanks to, who thanked someone else for pointing out this Mick Foley interview to them:

From tinywife: How is Stone Cold Steve Austin supposed to react to Deborah's "business" partnership with you? Is there going to be a repeat of the Triple H, Angle, Steph thing, but only with you three this time?
No, I really don't think so. I have made very sure from the get-go that nothing I did would be offensive to Steve as a husband. He says as long as we don't cross that line, he's fine with it. I said, "Please let me know if you feel like that line is being approached--I'll make sure not to cross it." I think we just want to have some fun. It gives me a little break, because I can occasionally get time off, as I did on Halloween, and have my lieutenant take over.

You can find the rest at

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Added a link to an off-site article on Debra in DEBRA/WORDS, a new link to LINKS/DEBRA, and added/updated some miscellaneous information in DEBRA/MISC.

SHAMELESS PLUG! Please do nominate this site in the Diva Awards (! ;)

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GALLERY: Photos are up! I'll be working on TV images next. The newest Debra article ("Debra Lays Down The Law") and Steve's Byte This transcript have been added to DEBRA/WORDS. Photos from that article are now in PHOTOS/SCANS.

February 7 marks the day the WWF will put out a new Debra t-shirt, yay! Keep an eye on Ooh, a new round of nominations is starting at The Divas of the WWF Wrestling Site Awards ( I think the site did pretty good last time, and maybe this time I'll even win first! ;)

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Starting with the obvious: new layout, new url, and a few new sections—including one I'd like to start once everything's settled: a small dedication to "Mr. Debra", Steve Austin. It won't be much, just a small blurb, but I'll throw in some links and stuff. And speaking of Steve, he'll be the guest on Byte This tonight—if he makes any mention of Debra, I'll add the transcript to the site.

Added a bunch of new links to LINKS/DEBRA and LINKS/GENERAL. GALLERIES are not yet up! I'll be getting around to them soon, I promise. I also have to figure out what to do with the images from the old server. NEWS/LATEST was updated last Sunday with comments from Debra on her relationship with Mongo and the WWF vs. WCW. Once this section of the site is complete, I'm going to work on FANS.

(Do I have too much time on my hands? What makes you say that?)

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• FANS/AWARDS: New award winner; FANS/SUPPORT: More Support images added. GALLERY/WALLPAPER: Two new wallpapers from WrestlePaper and CoolCraig's WWF Page (also added to the links page).

• Updated the latest (NEWS/LATEST) with news on Debra's role in the WWF, 02/01 WWF Magazine, and an OVW show. I'm making some general changes around the site, so if you find something missing or have any problems or anything, let me know.

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• One new Debra Support image, thanks to RedSonia! (SITE/SUPPORT) Debra wasn't on RAW last night — boo! — but there's always the Smackdown/Heat tapings tonight. Also added a poll to the SITE section, go check it out. New interview up from September (DEBRA/WORDS) - I thought I had this one already, but...

• Smackdown blurb and one picture (TV/SMACKDOWN). I've been trying to come up with new sections for the site and most of them are pretty lame. If anyone can think of anything they'd like to see on here (besides fake nudes of Debra — it's not gonna happen) send me an e-mail at and share

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• Okee dokee, as you can see I fixed up the site a little. RAW report has been updated with 2 — count 'em, 2!! — photos. Spoilers for Smackdown are available (NEWS/SPOILERS). There's also some news from 1999 in the NEWS/ARCHIVES.

• I've moved AWARDS into the SITE section, as it's more fitting; I *will* be getting around to updating that today. Apologies to those who've submitted and haven't heard back, I've been too busy lately to do anything about it.

• Put up FAQ and CAREER HIGHLIGHTS sections in DEBRA. The Armageddon photos from below are now in the TV/PPV section

• I'd like to thank everyone that voted for this site in the Diva Awards; we came in second in the "Best Debra Site" catagory! I'm immensely flattered ;)

• 5 Entertainment Tonight (thanks to, and 2 RAW photos are up

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