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FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 2001

UPDATES: Just the one-sentence recap of Smackdown for right now. AFAIK, Debra didn't do a whole lot last night. Pictures will be coming on Tuesday. First edition of the mailinglist is going to be sent out in a couple of hours, including a new pic from DJ I haven't had a chance to link to on here yet. I'm sorry for not doing a lot of replying to e-mails or updating stuff; life sucks and I'm not in the best of mood's lately. It'll pass :P

NEXT WEEK: More work on the site, including fixing the gallery up, adding more screencaps and a few new photos.

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SMACKDOWN SPOILERS: Debra WILL be on the show. Highlight the text between the brackets only if you want to know what's going to happen: [Vince McMahon, Kurt Angle, Stone Cold and Debra are shown backstage and they are discussing Booker T.] Thanks to Lords of Pain

DIGITAL RICE SUCKS: Yes it does. Ever since I opened an account with them a couple of weeks ago, they've been giving me nothing but problems. *sigh* It's a roll of the dice whether or not the messageboards are up on any given day; I'll see about moving them to a better server.

MORE SITE CRAP: I've moved the archvies around a bit; none of the links to images in the archived TV reports work yet. As you may have seen I've opened the new Bravenet mailinglist—I'm going to try my best to send the first mailing out this Friday, so hurry and sign up! (what a cheap, shameless plug ;)) I'm working on the Support banners and the Campaigns joined thingamadoo. More later (I hope)

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TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 2001

RAW/SMACKDOWN: 15 images from Smackdown and 48 images from RAW last night are up along with the reports

SITE CRAP: Yet another design. I hope I don't end up hating this one. Probably not all of the pages are working correctly, but I'm afraid you'll have to live with it until I get another chance to fix them. By the way—all of my sites look crappy. In Netscape! They look crappy in Netscape I mean...don't use it. Use Internet Explorer.

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SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2001

One of the newest photosNEW ARTICLE/PHOTOS: Yep, a rare weekend update from me — finally picked up the July 2001 WWF Mag and re-typed the entire article and scanned in the photos [one pictured at right]! *whew* The article was a really interesting read, but unfortunately I'm not able to scan in the posters; honestly I don't know how to get them out of the booklet without ruining the entire magazine. I'm a real klutz.

NEW AFFILIATES/NOMINATION: Whoops — TDDDS was nominated in the Dreamy Diva Awards and voting has already started! Thanks to whomever did the nominating :)

Our newest affiliates are the lovely Stacy Keibler Fans and the equally lovely Jerichiks!

KING OF THE RING: The PPV is tonight. Dunno if Debra's even going to make an appearance on the show or not. Blah. More updates tomorrow...

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FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2001

DEBRA ON SMACKDOWN: Didn't get a chance to post the spoilers this week but Debra did make an appearance. Check out the main page for details — and from now on, if Debra's on the show, pictures of both RAW and Smackdown will be posted on Tuesdays.

AFFILIATE/AWARD WINNER/WON AWARD: Hellfire's latest creation, Undisputed Attitude won the TDDDS award and is our latest affiliate! She was also kind enough to send along the Undisputed Attitude Award, so yay me!

MORE STUFF: I'm setting up the screencaps at yet another site. I don't know when it'll be finished but I've now got some more Debra images: Debra, Chyna and Sable on Gallagher and the Debra vs. Nicole Bass bikini match from RAW a year or so ago. Their quality is a LOT better than the rest so you'd better enjoy them! *shakes fist menacingly* Oh, and the forums have been down for pretty much the entire week — Digital Rice is doing upgrades or something silly like that, so I may end up moving them to a new server. *grumble* What a pain, what a pain...

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TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2001

DEBRA ON RAW: Report and 28 images now available!

MISCELLANEY: Moved the December through May RAW reviews to the archives page

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MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2001

DEBRA AUCTIONS: Added a few new Debra eBay auctions to the list, including lightswitch covers and new photos

AWARD WINNERS: Three new award winners today — Jerichiks, Miss Molly and Triple H the Champ 2000. I've also added the awards we won from Divas Unleashed Awards

SITE DESIGN: I got bored and changed it a little. Wrestling Screenshots has closed *sob* so we're without weekly TV images!...unless I decide to do them myself. I've moved the last of the May updates to the updates archive.

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FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2001

AWARD WINNER/AFFILIATE: is our newest Award Winner and Affiliate! Woohoo!

WON AN AWARD: Yes indeed! We've won a new award from Y2J Online; I've also spruced that section up and added the awards we've won from website competitions. I think I've missed a few and I apologize.

MISCELLANEOUS: Don't think Debra was on Smackdown but Stacy Keibler was. What can I say, I'm a mark for Miss Hancock, heh. People, people, people—we have a message board for people to talk and have discussions. SO GO POST! I've nominated the site in some more Awards, see the main page for details. Getting a nice response so far for The Venus Ring, thanks everyone :)

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APOLOGY/RAW: Sorry there were no updates yesterday; I was without Internet access all day. *shudder* Debra was on RAW for TWO WHOLE SEGMENTS! WOO!! I think that's a new record...anyway, report and 11 images are now available

NEW MESSAGEBOARD: I downloaded a YaBB board a while back and have now put up a set of Debra forums. I didn't really have any problems with Bravenet, I just like YaBB better. Hee. In the works for this week as well are a new Yahoo club and the newsletter. The Venus Ring is now open. I've really got to get a life...

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MONDAY, JUNE 11, 2001

AWARD WINNER: A belated winner this time — 10Extreme from Nikita

RAW? No clue if Debra's going to be on the show tonight. I've got three pictures from Smackdown to post tomorrow. Working on the newsletter and the Webring at the moment. Sorry for the late updates :\

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FRIDAY, JUNE 08, 2001

NEW AFFILIATE, AGAIN! The People's Pages has been added to the list, yay! :)

SMACKDOWN: Debra was on Smackdown for about 15 seconds last night. No pics yet, and I'm not even gonna bother with a report :P

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NEW AFFILIATE: Poetry In Motion is the newest affiliate — if you like the Hardy Boyz (I don't but what the hell), you're probably familiar with this site. It has up-to-date news and updates on Matt, Jeff and Lita and an active message board.

SMACKDOWN TONIGHT: Debra will make an appearance on the show tonight. Report and possibly images tomorrow.

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Not really an "update" update. I changed the layout of the main page and the sidebars, changed some colours, added a background, and am working on that newsletter thingy I mentioned in the forum. *wheeze* Debra makes a small appearence on Smackdown tomorrow night, not enough to warrant me posting spoilers.

Spaceports won't upgrade my space unless I put some actual content in the main part of that account. *sigh* I have an account on NBCi (whom some have said may be closing down — anyone heard anything about that?) that I can try to use for the screencaps gallery from now on. What a flippin' pain.

And is Topsites down today or is it just me?

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TUESDAY, JUNE 05, 2001

DEBRA WAS ON RAW! And I've got 18 pics to prove it! Even though it has nothing to do with Debra...aren't Molly and Spike just the cutest things ever?! Eeee! *cough hack* Ahem. I mean, know...

NEW WEBRING: I forgot to take down the Diva Ring link when I deleted it. Oops. I'm working on a new one right now; I hope to have at least the basics up sometime this week. That's it for updates right now :P

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MONDAY, JUNE 04, 2001

DEBRA'S APPEARENCE: So did anybody go to her signing in Birmingham on Saturday?! Huh huh huh?? C'mon, someone had to have gone! If you did and you want to send in a report and/or pictures, the e-mail address is

AFFILIATE/AWARD WINNER: On a slightly more dignified note, The Rock's Electrifying Webpage is the newest affiliate and award winner! Congrats!

RAW TONIGHT: No clue if Debra will be on the show. King of the Ring qualifying matches start tonight — how much do you want to bet Steve's entered? How much to you want to bet Debra will still be a non-factor in his angle? (If any WWF writers are reading this: Look, you've yet to put Debra in an actual storyline and you've already admitted that Debra and Steve are married. Why not just have Debra escort her husband to the ring from now on and give her something to do, other than fetch coffee?!)

•    •    •


APPEARENCE ALERT: People in Birmingham, Alabama: If you're not too late by now, Debra will be at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Center Box Office from 11 AM to 1 PM as tickets for Smackdown go on sale. If you go, send in a report! (The fan section is feeling neglected...hint hint...)

ARTICLE ALERT: Red Hot Divas has a review of the July 2001 WWF Magazine, which features an article and two-sided poster of/on Debra! Whee! I've added her list of Favourites and Word Association to her Profile. Once the magazine is available in Canada I'll try to get a copy and will type up the article. I'll scan in any pictures I possibly can, but if someone else could scan in the two-sided poster, it'd be much appreciated!

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FRIDAY, JUNE 01, 2001

SMACKDOWN: Aww man, it's June already?! Blech. Anyway, Debra was on Smackdown briefly — check the main page for details. Pictures to follow eventually

AWARDS: Sometimes I love surprises! I had no idea that TDDDS was nominated in the...uh...Thong Awards! Voting doesn't start until June 11, and all the details are on the front page. I'm just gushing. Thanks to whomever nominated the site in the Thong Awards and the WWF Attitude Awards, too; it's greatly appreciated ^.^

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THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2001

This update was supposed to be posted yesterday but blah.

SMACKDOWN: Same old drill — highlight the text between the brackets to find out Debra's role on tomorrow night's show: [Debra and Vince question Austin's decision to fight Benoit in his hometown. Austin accuses them of having no faith in him]

SCREENCAPS: Couple more galleries have been added — at the old Spaceports site. The Fully Loaded and St. Valentine's Day Massacre galleries aren't working yet!

AWARD WINNER/AFFILIATE: Technical Mind is the latest Award Winner. TDDDS also has a brand new affiliate—The One And Only Jackie fan site!

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TUESDAY, MAY 29, 2001

OLD UPDATES: Moved to Updates Archive

AFFILIATES: Added two new ones — Technical Mind and Test Haven. Both are excellent, so go check 'em out!

AWARD WINNER: TOAOJ won the TDDDS Award. It's a wonderful Jackie site that I also recommend you visit. My what a bossy cow I am ;)

DEBRA ON TV: She wasn't on RAW as far as I saw. This is getting a tad annoying. You can still bid on the tabacco-stained jacket (see below) over at WWF Auctions — it's going for $351.00 and ends in two days so if you want it, you'd better hurry.

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SATURDAY, MAY 26, 2001

Autographed Debra jacketAUCTION: WWF Auctions are selling the jacket Debra was wearing when the Undertaker spit on her a couple of weeks back. It's signed and dated by Debra. The current high bid is $351.00 and there are 5 days remaining. Check it out for yourself and if you have the money, go for it!

NEW LINK: Added a new link to Master Mind Of The Game in General/Favourite links.

ON TV: No Debra on Smackdown but the TLCIII match kicked all ass! I have no idea when Debra will be back on TV—hopefully Monday, but who the hell knows? :P

•    •    •


SIGNING: Debra will be in Alabama for an autograph signing in June — check Appearences & Signings for more info

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TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2001

SHOW UPDATES: Added a summary for Judgment Day and a RAW report.

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FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2001

PICTURE UPDATE: The last two sets of stills — the Owen Hart RAW Tribute and Smackdown's premier episode — are finally up and running! You can find all the newest ones at; just minimize the pop-up and it'll stay out of your way

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SPOILERS: Debra will be on tomorrow night's Smackdown—read the spoilers here

AWARDS: Holy crap...I didn't even know I was nominated in Torrid Trish's awards and I won 2nd Place, Best Debra Site and 1st Place, Most Dedicated Webmaster! Hot damn! Thanks to whomever nominated and voted for this site; though it sounds corny, it does mean a lot to me. And congratulations to all the other nominees and winners!

LINKS: Added a link to the Dean Malenko Fan Page to General/Favourite Links and Chyna is 2 Cool to Debra-related links

SCREENCAPS: I'm in the process of uploading 600+ TV stills to the Gallery. I've also added the RAW pics I capped to the report (see main page). Yes their quality isn't great, but what can you do?

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TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2001

Back to very few updates again. Oy vey. Debra was in fact on RAW last night, but it was perhaps the worst show they've put on in a while so that hardly makes it worth it. Do the WWF writers actually think that this is good TV? Maybe Vince should think about implimenting IQ tests before hiring any prospective employees...

Oh—I moved the April updates to Past Updates to clear up some of the clutter here.

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FRIDAY, MAY 11, 2001

Not as much to update today. You can check out the Smackdown report on the main page—there are no pictures for this week at all, unless you count the ones, which suck.

On a somewhat unrelated note I highly recommend picking up Mick Foley's latest book. It's just as good, and maybe even better than, his first, which was pretty darn entertaining; I particularly enjoyed Mick's version of "Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs". *snort*

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WOW! STUFF TO UPDATE!! I'm sorry, I need a moment to get over the shock.


OK. There's a commentary written by some nimrod named "Tim" over at that I've added to Articles and Interviews for you to enjoy. Fixed up some of the Debra-related links. There are also some spoilers for Smackdown below; if you don't want to know what's going to happen tomorrow night don't highlight the text between the brackets:

[When the Undertaker takes over Steve Austin's lockerroom, the Corporation (since they don't have an official name, that's what I'm calling them) send Debra in to try to get him out. Unimpressed, Taker spits a wad of tobaccy on her shirt. Spew!]
Thanks to Rajah's WWF and other news sites

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MONDAY, MAY 07, 2001

Since my mother's in visiting (yay!) and today's her birthday and tomorrow's mine, there likely won't be any huge updates to the site until next week. If you're interested in sending me presents, I prefer cash and jewelery ;)

Debra was, apparently, at the UK-only PPV this past Saturday (Insurrection...or was it Rebellion? Goddess my head hurts) but I've yet to see any pictures from the event.

Wrestling Screenshots — the site I get the caps from each week — won't be able to put up pictures from RAW this week so we'll have to suffer. (I won't take any because TSN is a bitch)

Is anyone having trouble accessing the Gallery? If so please let me know ASAP. I'll still be checking e-mails this week so don't be shy :)

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SATURDAY, MAY 05, 2001

SMACKDOWN: Report and images can be reached through the main page

AWARDS: To whomever nominated TDDDS in the WWF Attitude Awards — thanks! I'm so flattered! We're up for Best Site Name (The Diabolically Divine Debra Shrine), Best Webmistress (Polly, and Best Debra Site. Voting begins June 1st

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SPOILERS: Debra will be on Smackdown this week; check the TV Spoilers for more details. If you don't want to know what happens before you see the show, don't read the spoilers!

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TUESDAY, MAY 01, 2001

OOPS! Forgot to add a couple of updates yesterday. Yes I am an idiot, why do you ask? Anyway...updated the eBay auctions in Merchandise. Also updated Debra-related links with a couple of new Yahoo clubs and a new link to us banner too!

RAW: You'll notice there was no TV report for RAW today. While I still haven't seen my tape of Backlash yet, I never heard anything about Debra appearing on Heat, the PPV and now RAW. Is she part of the "Power Trip" angle or not? *grumble* Bunchayahoos...

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MONDAY, APRIL 30, 2001

BACKLASH: I won't get to see my tape of the show until tonight (I hope!) and I wasn't paying attention last night, but I though I'd read that Debra DID make an appearence? Probably wasn't much of one but maybe they'll give her something to do tonight on RAW. (pfft. yeah right.)

AFFILIATE: Yep, a brand new one! The Edge and Christian Fan Club isn't officially open yet but it'll be worth checking out.

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FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2001

UPDATES: Until Debra's status with the company becomes a little more solid (which'll probably be a quarter past never), don't expect a lot of updates to the site. Unless you want to send stuff in, which is always nice :)

NEWS: Some fluff items to tide you over

THE RING: I've taken the Diva Ring down for a while. I'm not really sure if I want to continue with it...

•    •    •


WALLPAPERS: I've uploaded the wallpaper gallery with two new wallpapers!

RANT/AFFILIATE: Once again, Debra was not on RAW, nor was she even mentioned (near as I could tell anyway). Can someone explain to me please why they keep putting Debra in angles and then dropping her while someone as useless as Lita gets to be on TV nearly every single week, regardless of whether or not she has anything to do? *grumble* Anyway. I think I had the Caribbean links misspelled so I fixed them on the main page and we've got one new affiliate — American Dream: A Molly Holly Fan Site

•    •    •

FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 2001

Debra was NOT on Smackdown last night, which is a major let-down. Is this angle even going somewhere?

Added three new award winners and a new award image. (I lost the last one) Plus I have a favour to ask of those sending in links/award submissions/affiliate requests:

PLEASE DON'T SEND ME "WRESTLE.TO" RE-DIRECT URLS! Every-freaking-time I use them I get three fucking pop-ups, and it annoys me to no end. I'm no longer going to use those to link to sites; it's either the full url or nothing. Try someplace like or instead.

On the subject of the award—I'm simply not happy with it. I think I may make it a site review option instead. The same "" rule would apply for that too though ;)

•    •    •


I got bored so I did a little remodeling. RAW report's on the front page along with 14 pictures. Thanks to everyone who voted in the Diva Site Awards; TDDDS won first place for Best Debra Site! *blush* 'Course there were only two Debra sites (what's up with that?) but still, I'm flattered and congratulations to The Debra Fan Club! Love the new layout. Thanks again everyone :)

Added a new affiliate — Y2J Dedication — and 2 new "I'm A Debra Supporter" graphics to Support Debra

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MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2001

Sorry for not having any updates in nearly a week; things should be getting back to normal now. I've posted the newest Smackdown images as well as a new affiliate—The Kat's Unofficial Fan Club—and a few new sites to Debra-Related links.

SMACKDOWN IMAGES: courtesy of Wrestling Screenshots

•    •    •


SPOILERS: Argh! Forgot to post this this morning: Guess who'll be on Smackdown tomorrow night? Finally! Highlight the text between the brackets if you want to know—otherwise just skip this part. [Debra is backstage looking for JR; she finds him in his dressing room, but we apparently can't hear what's being said. Austin walks in and accuses JR of hitting on his wife and kicks him out of JR's own dressing room...? Very weird.]

•    •    •


RAW: Debra was not on RAW last night—don't give up hope yet! There's still the Smackdown tapings tonight. Up until the last five minutes, the show really sucked; Austin and Triple H are my new heros. Heehee. But what was with showing the entire Austin/JR segment from Smackdown again? Hellooo filler.

UPDATES: Added four new pictures [76-79] to Miscellaneous and fixed the link to the gallery. Sorry about that. There's not much else to update today unless a major news story breaks. *grumble* The mirror site is coming along nicely and should be up soon.

•    •    •

FRIDAY, APRIL 06, 2001

GALLERY: WOOHOO! Capturing equipment works at last and to celebrate, I present 54 photos of Debra's "Rock Bottom" strip tease! (I tried to get videos but they wouldn't work and were all over 60MB! Gah!) There're still some tapes for me to go through and I'll add stuff from them every so often. I must apologize for the not-so-great quality of the pictures but enjoy anyway :)

If haven't visited the message board in the last couple of days, I managed to change the Gallery to a new server—*scream*—and there's a new way to view the photos. Go check it out!

SMACKDOWN: Debra's brief appearance on the show implied that she perhaps knew what her husband was up to at Wrestlemania/RAW. It was a very short segment but hopefully this is building up to a big angle. Hint-hint, WWF. *cough*

•    •    •


SPOILERS: Highlight the text to read about Debra's role tomorrow night: [Once again, Kevin Kelly tries to get word from Debra on her feelings and she walks away. I hope this is leading up to something good...]


I have HAD it with them and their stupidity! When you try to save an image from their server it gets saved as a BMP, so after re-saving the entire gallery, I now have to go back and convert them all into JPG format again. I hate that server with a passion, so the gallery is moving again. Right now I'm putting everything on Crosswinds and the look has been updated.

On the plus side, viewing the pics should be easier now—instead of each image popping-up in a new window, clicking on a thumbnail causes the image to load right on the screen. You can even move it by dragging it with your mouse. To close it, just click on the thumbnail again. This code (from Dynamic Drive) should work on newer browsers; older ones will have the image open in a new window. Lemme know what you think!

•    •    •


UPDATED: Debra's biography so it fits current storylines and added a link to a new Debra site

RAW: Kevin Kelly attempted to talk to Debra backstage, but she claimed she didn't know what her husband had planned last night and didn't want to talk about it. Three pictures courtesy of Wrestling Screenshots:

MORE STUFF: Debra has autographed a copy of her "Wild Wild West" RAW Magazine and it's currently going for $202 on WWF Auctions. You can also find a video of Debra's interview from Axxess this past weekend at

•    •    •