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NEW LINK: The Lovely Divas

SITE AWARDS: Oh holy crap — someone has nominated TDDDS in Yvette's WWF Site Awards! We're nominated in:

• Best Debra Site
• Best Entrance Banner
• Best Graphics on a Site
• Most Interactive Site
• Best Layout
• Best Multimedia on a Site
• Most Original Site Name
• Best Overall Site and
• Best Webmistress: Polly of TDDDS

Wow. Thanks to whomever nominated the site! Y'know, it's really not necessary :)

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SUMMERSLAM PIC: A grand total of ONE from Debra and Shawn Stasiak

AFFILIATES: Two new ones added — Glitter, A Jackie Fan Site and ResoCope, An E&C Fan Club

RAW/SMACKDOWN: I've got bunches of pictures from both shows (click for RAW // click for SD) and will have thumbnails and reports done later

DEBRA DOLLS: Heh heh, Nickey of Marvelous Major and Just Beyond The Dance Floor has sent along a couple of really cute Debra dolls! Here's Doll #1 and Doll #2. And, what the hell, I even uploaded my own crappy Evil Debra Doll. If you take any of these images be sure to credit either Nickey or myself

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SMACKDOWN/RANT/SUMMERSLAM: You can find a report and pictures over at

In case you don't get the newsletter — I missed the last hour of Smackdown due to a power outage, which sucks because that's the point where Edge and Christian make an appearance. What the hell was the point of having TWO twenty minute promos at the beginning of the show? It was completely unnecessary and ridiculous — as was having Austin go on and on at Scotty.

I'm quite interested to find out what kind of crack the WWF bookers are on. Do they really think that people want to see wrestlers rambling for 1/4 of the show, instead of, oh, say, wrestling? *fumes silently* Alright, that's my rant for the day. Promise.

I don't expect Debra to be on the PPV this Sunday unless she's accompanying Steve to his match. *snort* Yeah, like that's gonna happen...

FANFICTION: Three stories from Baby Doll have been added to the Fanfiction section. Go read them!

AWARD WINNER: Sizzling Scarlets is the newest award winner. The site is dedicated to Trish and Lita, so enjoy

UPDATES: Finally moved all of July's updates to their archive

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AWARD WINNERS: Two new award winners — Just Beyond The Dance Floor and Blonde Babes Of Canada (woowoo!)

RAW RESULTS: Ah I can't be bothered writing them up. Check's RAW Report and pictures when they get put up.

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WHOOPS: Uh, OK, so it's been about a week since I last updated. I'm very sorry about that. Maybe some of these updates will make up for it! Huh? Huh?!

RAW/SMACKDOWN: Can't be bothered writing up a report of either show, quite frankly, so I shall instead link you to's reports and pictures: Smackdown Report/Smackdown Photos ... RAW Report/RAW Photos

DEBRA APPEARANCE: Many thanks to MsPaisleyJones of Marvelous Major and Just Beyond The Dance Floor (hey, one of our newest affiliates!) for pointing this out:

SUNDAY, AUGUST 12, 2001 — Debra will be appearing from 3 - 5 PM at Bally Total Fitness, 1020 Meachan Road, Schaumburg, IL

GALLERY UPDATE: Three new Scans (the last two from MsPaisleyGunns) and one new Miscellaneous (from MsPaisleyGunns/ have been added.

NEW LINK/AFFILIATES: Two new affiliates (Just Beyond The Dance Floor and Belles Femmes) and one new Debra site (Southern Hospitality)

MISCELLANEOUS: From now on when I get little bits of news or information, I'll likely be posting it in the forum. I've already posted some new Debra auctions on eBay over there, so go check it out.

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SMACKDOWN - WOO!: Alrighty! Finally Debra is getting something of a character! In celebration of this new turn, I've uploaded 112 images from the show and a full report. Whee-hoo!

OTHER CAPS: I'm also going to try to get around to uploading some more screencaps — including Debra @ the WrestleMania Rage Party 1999 and from a 1999 RAW

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WWF.COM CLIP: Today's Video of the Day is a clip of Debra and Kurt Angle's conversation from RAW

RHONDA SINGH PASSES AWAY: Nothing to do with Debra, but I wanted to mention it here anyway. Rhonda was known as "Bertha Faye" in the WWF back in the mid-90s and she died earlier this week at the age of 40. My condolences go out to Rhonda's family and friends

SMACKDOWN TONIGHT: On a slightly more light-hearted note — Debra WILL be on Smackdown tonight and does more than try to force her cookies on people! You can read the spoilers now or wait and watch the show

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DELAY IN UPDATES: I meant to put all this up yesterday but got a migraine instead :P

MORE SCANS: Marvelous Major was kind enough to send through six new (and gorgeous) Debra scans! I'll get a RAW report done later...

SMACKDOWN SPOILERS: Found some fairly detailed spoilers from The Bloodbath

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MONDAY, JULY 30, 2001

NEW ARTICLES: Two new articles — one from Inside Wrestling, the other from PWI's special edition Women of Wrestling Magazine: the 100 hottest women in wrestling history. (complete with photos)

AFFILIATE/AWARD WINNER: Marvelous Major is the newest affiliate and award winner! Congrats!

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RAW REPORT: Here it is: Debra and Steve were in cahoots with WCW, the end. Seriously, that's about all it amounted to.

SMACKDOWN SPOILERS: I can't find any that mention Debra so I assume she's not going to be on the show. (Of course now, having said that, she'll probably be on the show. *sigh*)

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MONDAY, JULY 23, 2001

PPV REPORT: Debra made a 60 second (I'm probably exagerating) appearance on the show last night, having a chat with Sara Calloway. There's a brief report and there are some pictures already floating around the Internet (check

AWARD WON: Marvelous Major, an extensive Major Gunns tribute, has awarded us with their "If I can be serious for a moment...I'd say this is a great site!" award! Woohoo! Thanks so much :)

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FRIDAY, JULY 20, 2001

GALLERY STUFF: Uploaded 48 "SummerSlam 1999" stills, 60 "Over The Edge 1999" stills and the new wallpaper. At the Storage site there are a couple more Debra galleries as well: Debra on OTR, Debra, Chyna and Sable on Gallagher, and Debra vs. Nicole Bass in a RAW bikini match

THE FORUMS: Finally got them back up and running...only they're on Virtual Ave, which means there's a pop-up on every page. *sigh* On the plus side, this time around everything works, including receiving an e-mail with your password after signing up. Whee! And yes, I will be changing the colours

REPORTS/IMAGES: RAW report and images added, as well as a Smackdown review

AWARD WON: Illusions of Torrie Online awarded TDDDS with the Torrie Online Award of Excellence! Thanks Illusions! :)

LINKS: Added 2 new Debra/Related links: Debra's Room, a subsite of RedSonia's House of Austin; and Beauties of Wrestling. I also removed "Stacy Keibler Fans" from the list since the webmistress has shut it down :\

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SITE STUFF: I'm really sorry for not updating the site much this week — I was busy working on the new design and doing capturing and I'm just too tired to think much lately. *bleh* Aside from the new design, I'm going to be adding a new wallpaper (courtesy of Britney from Terri Online), 2 new screencap galleries, new affiliate/award winners and perhaps some other stuff if I can concentrate long enough ;)

I'll also have up some RAW pictures and a report. No Smackdown pics from last week but I'll definitely have some after tomorrow's episode! (Read the spoilers) Smackdown pics from last week can be found at the gorgeous Beauties of Wrestling website

AWARD WINNERS/AFFILIATE: Three new award winners today — SMH Haven: Total Bitchness!, Brains and Beauty and Torrie Online. Torrie Online is also the newest affiliate, yay! ;)

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FRIDAY, JULY 13, 2001

SITE STUFF: I think I'm going to change the navigation for TDDDS yet again. I'm just not happy with the way it's currently set up.

SMACKDOWN: *snort snort snort* Yeah it had nothing to do with wrestling, but those skits with Austin, Angle and Vince were hysterical. I may try getting Smackdown snaps up this afternoon, along with the Steve Austin "Biography" snaps.

GALLERIES: I've shifted the old TV images to the Gallery, where they'll now reside with other screenshots I've taken. There are NO index pages for the Weekly TV Images because I'm very lazy. From now on I'll only keep those images on this server for a month, then move them.

SUPPORT/ICONS: Added a few new Support Images and 49 AIM/Forum Icons. Note that not all of the icons are of Debra — see my post in the forum about sending in suggestions.

TODAY'S MAILING: If you haven't already signed up for the mailinglist (and thanks to those who already have! ;)) you'd better do so now, 'cause I'll be sending another mailing out this afternoon. How subtle was that?

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DEBRA SPOILERS: Head over to the TV Spoilers section

OTHER: We've got a grand total of 349 pictures in the gallery, I just realized! Some of them are duplicates but that's not bad if I do say so myself ;)

Next chance I get I'll be uploading the screencaps and more Support images. For now, I've got captures of other WWF stars like Trish Stratus and Edge up at my storage site. Steve Austin "Biography" snaps will be coming soon too.

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TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2001

TV STILLS: Last night's show wasn't bad—Debra still didn't do anything particularly worthwhile, though. 24 RAW images are available and Smackdown stills can be found in their directory

TOMORROW'S UPDATES: If all goes well with the taping tonight, I'll try to post images from Steve Austin's A&E "Biography". Also, the Smackdown tapings are tonight—if Debra's on the show, I'll be sure to post them tomorrow too.

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MONDAY, JULY 9, 2001

SITE STUFF: There are three pieces of digital art work in the FANS portion of the site, thanks to Christina O.; there's a new award winner—Steve Corino's Fan Site; The Venus Ring has been updated with new members

STEVE ON BIOGRAPHY: Steve Austin's "Biography" will be re-broadcast tomorrow night on A&E. I shall attempt to tape it and do some screencapping, just because :)

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FIRDAY, JULY 6, 2001

GALLERY: I re-scanned the "Wild Wild West" photo shoot photos (scans/019 - 030) and added scans 045 - 054.

SMACKDOWN: Debra was in several backstage vignettes. Couldn't be bothered writing up a report this week. Pictures of the show should be available on Tuesday, along with next week's RAW photos.

MAILINGLIST: There's a new, er, edition of the mailinglist going out in a few minutes. If you haven't signed up it now! Now! NOW! You know you want to... ;)

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UPDATES: Moved the June updates to their archive; there are four new studio pics and three new candid pics in the updated Gallery; I'm currently getting the Campaigns/Clubs page going...

NEW AFFILIATE/AWARD WINNER: Terri Online is our newest affiliate; and I've made a slight change in the Award Winners. Nikita's 10Extreme has morphed into The Lucky Seven

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HAPPY (BELATED) CANADA DAY! to all my fellow Canadians and HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! to all you Murricans visiting the site! ;)

SMACKDOWN SPOILERS: Debra makes a few backstage appearances on the show tomorrow night—VIEW THE SPOILERS AT YOUR OWN RISK! Of spoiling the show for youself, I mean...

NEW AFFILIATE: Woohoo — Christian Net is our newest affiliate. Be sure to sign the Christian Petition while you're there

GALLERY UPDATE: Topcities isn't letting me access my new Gallery account, so I'm not sure when I'll get started with the transfer; but there'll be some new pics and maybe even a new wallpaper! Please...try to control yourselves. You can find 76 screencaps of Debra, Chyna and Sable on the Gallagher Show at my new little archive. (The only other gallery working there is Edge on Gallagher)

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NEW ARTICLE: The Seattle Times has an article up about RAW last night, including some comments from Debra. The article is entitled WWF: Tumble In Tacoma. Here's what Debra had to say:

Said Debra, who is Austin's wife in reality and carries that role onto the TV screen: "I think it's great for our fans (working with WCW). You never know who's going to pop in or pop out. We have more women to work with, and we can entertain more."

REPORTS/IMAGES: Images from last night's RAW and last week's Smackdown are available with the reports.

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