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Debra showed up for a brief interview and said she misses Mick and wants to make him proud—so she booked a triple threat match for the hardcore title: Raven vs. Hardcore Holly vs. Steve Blackman. Originally Blackman had won, but Raven snuck up on him and pinned him to become the new champ. Woohoo!

•    •    •

Debra and Mick stayed in their office for most of the show (Mick was in the opening segment and the main event, however). Debra didn't do very much tonight but hey, at least she was on the show. They made they Kurt Angle vs. Vince McMahon title match and the Edge/Christian vs. Rock/Undertaker tag team title match.

•    •    •

Debra spoke to Michael Cole backstage and said she was keeping in touch with Mick Foley, who was still stuck in New York.

She then promised Road Dogg and K-Kwik a re-match for the tag titles (what?!) until Edge and Christian showed up and demanded their rightful title shot. (Me? Biased? Never ;)) Debra said the two teams could duke it out tonight in the ring and left to meet Mick.

A limo pulled into the parking area as Debra waited, but it turned out to be Vince McMahon! Another car arrived—this time with Mick who was filled in by Debra. They also spoke to Vince McMahon but I didn't hear what was said. (Vince wasn't too happy with Mick's "Hell In A Cell" match for Armageddon)

•    •    •

The two times we see Debra on this edition is during the opening segment with Kurt Angle and towards the end with Mick and Tiger Ali Singh. Blah.

Other RAW happenings included several segments with Edge, Christian and Kurt Angle (woohoo!), William Regal tried in vain to introduce the people of WWF NY to good table manners, Steve Austin fought Kurt Angle in the main event and The Holly Cousins took on T&A&T. But most importantly...we got to see Steve Blackman! All is right with the universe! Stop looking at me like that, I like Steve Blackman.

•    •    •

Debra caught up to The Hardys and Lita backstage to let them know that their match tonight against the RTC was a title bout, all belts on the line. If Matt/Jeff pins Goodfather/Bull they win the tag titles. If Lita pins Ivory, she wins the women's belt. (RTC lost by DQ - meaning they keep the belts)

As Road Dogg (ugh) and K-Quick rapped, Mick and Debra cut a rug. Heh. Does Mick remind anyone else of a Weeble?

Backstage once again as Mick told Debra his favourite part about being Commissioner is getting to make matches. They ran down the list for Survivor Series—Debra made a Lita vs. Ivory match for the title and said she hopes Stone Cold kicks Triple H's ass. Afterwards Mick said he wanted to play with the puppies.

No, not what you're thinking.

He whipped out a couple of stuffed toys. Other RAW happenings...

Edge, Christian and Kurt Angle lost to the Undertaker and the Hollys (Bob–Hardcore–whatever his name is–made his return last night). E&C also re-made Crash's theme. *snort* Edge, Christian, Bull and Goodfather now have a match against the Hardys and the Hollys at SS this Sunday.

Poor Raven got suplexed through a table by that spazoid Tazz. Personally I think Britney Spears looks better with the Kane mask. And Kane is kinda sexy...

OK so it wasn't on RAW but...was Road Dogg on drugs or something when he hosted Heat? That story he told about the woman and her dog was sick. Seriously, why does this man have a job? Why is he allowed on TV? Near as I can tell he can't wrestle, can't dance, can't sing and can't tell a "joke" to save his life. The only time he was mildly entertaining was when DX did their skits a couple of years back. </end rant>

•    •    •

I'm guessing that the Mick-RAW/Debra-Smackdown theory is correct; Debra was shown briefly near the end of the show at WWF New York tasting some of the food. I couldn't tell what she held up at the end, though, saying she was going to leave them for Mick? Other RAW happenings...

• Mona finally debuted (yay!) and is aligned with Crash Holly. Hee hee.

• Triple H admitted that he was Rikishi's accomplice.

• Vince McMahon made a brief return, RTC won the tag belts, and poor Edge & Christian got put through tables.

•    •    •

After a rather long-winded speech by the Commish, he announced that as much as he loved his job, he needed help. So he went out and found someone who personafied guts and testicular fortitude. Someone who's shown tremendous courage inside the ring. A former WWF champion. Then he introduced everyone to his new Lieutenant Commissioner—Debra! The crowd started a "Puppies" chant, some athlete in the audience started to drool and the King nearly had a coronary from all the shrieking he did. ( listed it as "intestinal fortitude", but I distinctly heard "testicular". Maybe he meant "ovarian fortitude"?)

•    •    •