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Vince McMahon approached Debra in the back as she was watching the Ivory vs. Jackie match. He said he wanted to keep her on as Lt. Commissioner — his Lt. Commissioner — because she did such a great job before. To prove this, he challenged her to make a match for Smackdown; Debra said "How about Steven [Richards] against Billy Gunn?" Vince said it was done and Debra looked a little disgusted after he left.

We also saw a quick shot of Debra watching the Steven Richards/Billy Gunn match in the back.

•    •    •

Debra and Mick first have a confrontation with Stephanie McMahon, who tells Mick to lay off her father. They then arrange a match between Raven (yay!) and the Undertaker (yay!) as payback for Raven "hurting" Al Snow. They watch it from their office with glee. (Taker won when he gave Raven the Last Ride through the announce table. Ouch)

Other stuff: Vince apparently has a new chick around Stephanie's age (spew!), Linda's "in the hospital", Edge & Christian beat the Dudleys and Rock/Steve Austin faced William Regal/Kurt Angle, with Kane at ringside.

•    •    •

To start the show off Debra and Mick told Triple H and Rikishi were suspended and were to leave the building immediately (along with Stephanie). They also informed Kurt Angle that he had a title match tonight in a fatal four-way.

Then, after Molly was disqualified during her match with Trish, Debra made a triple threat Women's title match between Molly, Trish and Ivory at Armageddon this Sunday.

Other Smackdown happenings...

There's gonna be a four-way Tag Team title match between Goodfather/Bull Buchanon, Edge/Christian, Road Dogg/K-Kwik and The Dudley Boys. The Kat rescued Ashton Kutcher (y'know, Kelso from "That 70's Show" and apparently an Edge & Christian fan—good taste ;)) from Tazz. Lita snookered Dean Malenko and was, for once, entertaining and The Dudleys turned on Right To Censor. Oh, and Vince McMahon asked Linda for a divorce. *mock gasp* I wonder what Stephanie and Shane'll have to say about this...

•    •    •