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I'm sure that my information is not complete; if anyone can help me out, I'd be eternally grateful :)

* Full Name: Debra Marshall Williams
* Birthdate: March 2, 1960
* Starsign: Pisces / Rat
* Hair/Eye Color: Blonde / Green
* Height/Weight: 5'6" / ??
* Hometown: Tuscaloosa, Alabama
* Currently Resides: Texas
* Family: Mother & Father (both deceased), 3 brothers, 1 sister, husband - Steve Williams, 2 step-daughters
* Worked For: World Championship Wrestling (1996 - 1998) as "Queen Debra"
* Is Currently: In the World Wrestling Federation
* Has Appeared On: WCW TV/PPV, WWF TV/PPV, commercials, Oprah, 2 George Straight videos, Tough Enough, The Weakest Link

Born March 2, 1966 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Debra Marshall was raised with three brothers and one sister. Her mother was a nurse and her father a foundry worker — both are now deceased.

As a teenager, Debra says she enjoyed being a cheerleader (despite her parents' reservations), horseback riding and wanted to pursue a career as an actress. She also won several beauty pagents including Miss Illonois America and Miss Texas USA.

During a flight in 1985, Debra happened to meet the mother of Chicago Bears player Steve "Mongo" McMichael. A blind date was arranged and Debra and Steve soon hit it off.

Through this union Debra was able to attend the Superbowl, meet celebrities, and appear on shows such as "Oprah". She's also starred in several TV commercials, 2 George Strait music videos and had a bit part in "The Texas Chainsaw Masacre IV" as a policewoman.

•      •      •

In late-1996, Debra joined World Championship Wrestling as "Debra: Queen of WCW". Her gimmick was that of a stuck up ex-beauty queen and she was immediately paired with her husband in the Four Horsemen — which at that time consisted of Mongo, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Jeff Jarrett; along with the other valets Miss Elizabeth and Woman.

I didn't really watch WCW back then as it often wasn't available where I lived, but I vaguely remember that it was implied that Debra was "cheating" on Mongo with the younger and more talented Jeff Jarrett and when he turned on the Horsemen, Debra ditched her husband to join her blond partner until he left for the WWF not long after.

Now without a protégé and involved in a feud with Mongo, Debra promised a surprise wrestler to face Mongo at an upcoming WCW PPV.

The "surprise" turned out to be Alex Wright, whom Debra managed for some time before he fired her on national TV. After that, Debra was off WCW programming for a while, though there was talk that she was going to be paired with Raven and his Flock; nothing surfaced from that and Debra not only left WCW but divorced Mongo as well. (In a 2001 interview, Debra went on record as saying that her break up with Mongo happened because he "changed" once he entered wrestling)

Now there were rumours that she would be joining the WWF. She was even spotted at TitanTowers several times.

•      •      •

In late-October of 1998, Debra re-appeared at the side of Jeff Jarrett—on Monday Night Raw. Her new persona reflected a savvy business woman who was determined to do whatever it took to get the job done.

Throughout the rest of that year and well into 1999, the blonde bombshell managed Jarrett to several Intercontinental reigns as well as a tag team title reign with his partner, the late Owen Hart.

At the end of 1998, Jarrett was involved in a feud with Goldust, who was turning a lustful eye towards Debra—who in turn had already made some weird advances towards Al Snow's Head. At one point, Goldust came down to the ring in a trenchcoat and flashed our poor vixen, who, needless to say, was none too impressed.

Later that night Debra retaliated and a match was set for the December pay-per-view Rock Bottom: a Strip Tease match! The rules stated that if Jarrett won, Goldust would strip; but if Goldust won, Debra would strip!

Originally Jarrett had it won (thanks to interference from Debra, who was "mortified" at the thought of stripping) but then-commisioner Shawn Michaels reversed the decision, ordered Jarrett to the back and demanded that Debra strip.

Much to her "apparent surprise", Debra enjoyed this little tease (until the Blue Blazer covered her up) and from then on began taunting Jarrett's opponents by unbottoning her blouse when the going got rough...but never showed anything more than her bra.

This seemed to irk The Road Dogg, who asked Debra to "let the puppies out of the doghouse". And thus, the puppy phenomenon was born. (You can hear the sarcasm, right?)

After Owen's death, Debra and Jarrett teased a break up during his run against D'Lo Brown for the European and Intercontinental belts; the feud was pretty much ended at SummerSlam when Debra turned on D'Lo and, along with Mark Henry, helped her charge to win both belts.

The next night on RAW, Jeff rewarded his co-horts by giving Henry the European belt and by hiring an assistant for Debra: Miss Kitty — a.k.a. The Kat/Stacy Carter. This kindness was not to last long as Jarrett then began picking on the women of the WWF — especially Chyna — and proceeded to put most of them in the Figure Four. Including his own manager Debra!

Angry and hurt, Debra turned on her former ally and helped Chyna defeat him on several occassions before disappearing from the spotlight for some time.

•      •      •

Behind the scenes in 1999 Debra and Steve Austin began talking and developed a friendship, which led to a relationship once his divorce was finalized. After Steve's neck surgery, Debra took time off to be with him at home and only made a few brief WWF appearances during his recuperation. The two were married in a small Las Vegas ceremony on Wednesday, September 13, 2000.

•      •      •

Near the end of October 2000, Mick Foley announced on Raw that as much as he loved being Commish, he needed some help. So he found someone whom he felt was perfect for the job — Debra! However in March of 2001, Debra "resigned" her position as Lt. Commissioner to become a manager again.

Vince McMahon paired her with The Rock, who was set to face her husband Steve Austin at Wrestlemania! The angle never got a chance to develop as a few weeks later, Vince told her that she was no longer needed in The Rock's corner. Since then, Debra has not been used in a significant way, much to the disgust and frustration of many.