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This is an unofficial collection of questions people either have asked or may ask in future. Hopefully this'll save us all some time, but if you still have a question that hasn't been answered here e-mail me.

Q: Are you Debra?
A: Nope. I don't know her either. I've seen her "official" e-mail address listed as, but I have no clue if that's the real Debra Marshall or not. If you want to get in touch with Debra, check the Support Debra page for a snail-mail address to write Debra c/o.

Q: Has Debra ever posed naked? Can you please post/send me the pictures?
A: Debra has never posed naked. Any nude photos you see of her on the Internet are fakes until such time as Debra legitimately poses for Playboy. If she ever does go through with it, I'm not sure whether or not I'd post the pictures but I certainly wouldn't send them through e-mail.

Q: How old is Debra?
A: According to the Internet Movie DataBase, Debra's birthdate is March 2, 1966 which means she is now 36.

Q: What can you tell me about Debra and Steve Austin?
A: Debra Marshall and Steve "Austin" Williams were married on September 13, 2000 in Las Vegas. This is Debra's second marriage (she was first wed to Steve "Mongo" McMichael) and Steve's third (he was first married to his high school sweetheart, then Jeanie Williams). Steve has two little girls from his second marriage, Debra has no children and neither have plans to have any together. According to Steve, not only is this "[his] last marriage" but they also signed a pre-nup ;)

I've devoted a small section of the site to Steve, but be sure to check out RedSonia's House of Austin for more about him.

Q: Was Debra really married to "Mongo" from WCW?
A: Yes, for several years actually. Read Debra's Biography for more information on their relationship.

Q: Who is Debra close to backstage?
A: A recent article on talked about Debra and Chyna's close relationship backstage and the women of WWF are supposed to be a tight-knit group. Mick Foley is a friend of Steve Austin's and is the one who suggested Debra be brought back as his Lt. Commissioner, so I assume they're friends. And I'd wager a guess that she's fairly close to Steve Austin as well. She was also good friends with Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett, but other than that I don't know any specifics.

Q: Does Debra have any piercings or tattoos?
A: Not that I'm aware of. But how cool would that be? ;)

Q: When will Debra be on TV again?
A: When pigs sprout wings and fly out my ass. I wish I knew Debra has said that she is willing to get physical in the ring and there doesn't seem to be any opposition from Steve, so why the WWF braintrust is keeping her off TV is beyond my comprehension. Bastards.

Q: Was Debra involved with Jeff Jarrett romantically?
A: Nope. As far as I'm aware, they're just friends. Their implied romantic relationship was only on-screen.