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The following information is from The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes by Theodora Lau. The description may or may not be accurate for Debra, it's all just for fun. For more information, try visiting

I am the Kaleidoscope of the mind.
I impart light, color and perpetual motion.
I think, I see, I am moved by electric fluidity.
Constant only in my inconstancy,
I am unschakled by mundane holds,
Unchecked by sturdy, binding goals.
I run unimpeded through virgin paths.
My spirit is unconquered—
My soul forever free.


Debra's birthdate makes her a Fire Horse

The Horse rules the two-hour period of the day between 11 A.M. and 1 P.M. It's said that people born during these hours have the Horse sign as their ascendant. The Horse's direction is south, it's season is summer and its principal month is June. It corresponds with the Western astrological sign of Gemini (May 21 - June 21). It's fixed element is fire and is male/positive yang sign.

People born in the year of the Horse will be cheerful, popular, quick-witted and changable in nature, which may cause them to be hot-tempered, rash and headstrong. Horses can fall in and out of love quickly; they are earthy and appealing, perceptive, talkative and have raw sex appeal. They are noted sports lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and fond of animals.

They are also mentally agile and respond quickly to stimuli. They will perform better than most in difficult situations. They will have strong, magentic, commanding personilities — which may turn aggresive or militant at times. They are also independent, which may make them leave home at an early age.

The Horse is a showy dresser partial to bright colours and striking designs...even occassionally to the point of being gaudy. They love to exercise themselves mentally and physically. They are swift, graceful and animated with rapid speech. Their minds work with remarkable speed.

Horses are non-conformists who will try anything once. They lack stability and perseverance but are flexable and open-minded. A native Horse may be called a playboy/playgirl. They are skillful in business and in love; they can manipulate people and events to their advantage.

However, they can also be impusive and stubborn with an explosive temper. The outbursts are quickly forgotten by the Horse, but perhaps not by others. Their lack of self-control and discretion may cost them a great deal, including respect and credibility. They can also be childish and unwilling to sacrifice an iota of their freedom.

They need to learn that a "please" and/or "thank you" can be much more effective than a request or order. They are not usually, however, possessive, suspicious or jealous. They only become aggressive if they fail to get their way. They are selfish only with their time and affection, not their money. They make better performers than teachers.

The Horse's mood is constantly changing, due in part to subtle nuances they alone may only notice. Often they don't understand why others around them aren't as "in touch" as they are. They cannot explain their hunches. They also keep odd hours and are unable to stick to schedules. They do not enjoy dwelling on their mistakes.

Female Horses are full of spunk, tart and saucy, pert and pretty, as well as nimble and intelligent. She's a multitasker who can writer a letter, watch TV, talk on the phone and mind her children all at the same time. She works off energy in ways that seem strenuous to others, like mountain climbing.

Horse ladies can look as soft as whiped cream and smell like fresh lavender, but underneath it they have brilliant minds. She makes friends easily and takes romantic involvements lightly. Home is where she can refuel. She loves fresh ai and the outdoors as a whole; never try to fence her in. Horses — male or female — will acquire great wealth but not security.

The last year of the Fire Horse was 1966 and the next isn't until 2026. The Fire Horse sign only comes once every sixty years. Legend has it that many a lady Fire Horse has ruined the life of a good man because of her passionate nature.

The best partners for the Horse are the Tiger, Dog and Sheep, followed by the Dragon, Snake, Monkey, Rabbit, Boar, Rooster or other Horses. Horses should avoid Rats and Oxes, however.

FIRE HORSE — 1966, 2026
Flamboyant and adventurous, this Horse is a superb intellect and has great personal magnetism. She will try to bring about whatever change she desires through force and her willpower. They are also daredevils who will throw caution ot the wind when persuing the object of their desires.

This double Fire sign produces a highly excitable and hot-blooded horse; they are also easily distracted and inconsistant. They possess flair, charm and wit with a multifaceted personality. They love travel and new trends, and constantly try to outperform themselves. They're competitive thrill-seekers.

The Pisces Horse = Water + Positive Fire

This Horse is more subtle and receptive to others' moods; Pisces patience acts as a tranquilizer on Horse's mobility, toning down her exaggerated mannerisms. They maintain a steady pace and are cautious about resorting to action; they're conventional creatures who lack Horse's sense of urgency and Pisces' flaw of relying too much on their heart. A refined mixture of speed and sensitivity — neither too fast nor too slow, neither too efficient nor too sentimental.

The least outspoken of all Horses, they tend to study a situation completely before giving their opinion. They are also the least hurried of all Horses and have a more conservative outlook. They have quieter dispositions and display more pride and love of privacy. They're the most reliable Horses, and are fast learners. They'll be able to withstand adversity without complaint and will be any asset to any team because of their organizational and analytical skills.

Rembrant van Rijn
Leonid Brezhnev
Roberto Rosselini
King Faisal of Saudi Arabia
Otto Preminger
Agnes Moorehead