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Prices are in US funds unless otherwise noted.
All official WWF Merchandise can be found at and ordered through which is where I got the information and pictures from and at live WWF venues.

For action figures, check and for more WWF merchandise try Attitude Tees.

You can also try searching for Debra stuff on eBay.

Divas 2001 Magazine Divas 2001 Magazine
Comes with one set of trading cards out of a possible three.

Price: $5.99

Divas 2001 Video Divas 2001 Video
WARNING! Video comes with a TV14 rating for brief nudity! Format is VHS - NTSC and approximate running time is 60 minutes.

Price: $14.95

Divas 2001 Package Divas 2001 Package
Package includes all three magazines (meaning all three set of trading cards), the Divas video and a three-month subscription to RAW magazine. Release date is April 2, 2001; video comes with TV14 rating for brief nudity; see video entry above for more details.

Price: $24.95

Twin Mountain University T-Shirt Twin Mountain University T-Shirt
This shirt is a tribute to the most endowed University going. A must for anyone majoring in Puppies!

Release Date: February 7th, 2001. You may still order this item and we will ship it to you once received.

Debra's Puppies T-Shirt Puppies T-Shirt
Front: 'Show me your Puppies' Back: 'WWF Get It?' with paw prints. Black. 100% Cotton.
One size fits all. $25.00 ea. (Can't find this on the site any more)
Debra framed photograph Framed Debra Photograph
Display this photo of the lovely Debra on your desk or wall. And face it, she looks a LOT better than those boring family photos that are currently being displayed.
Price: $8.00 ea.
WWF Divas 2001 Calendar WWF Divas 2001 Calendar
This is a 2001 calendar. 12 months. 12 pictures of the Divas. 'Nuff said.
Price: $12.99 ea.
Come Get Some video "Come Get Some" Video
From the ring to the beach to the gym. These women have it all and know how to get what they want. You will not believe what they will do to get to the top. The hottest women in the Federation today bare their...
Format: VHS - NTSC (US and Canada only)
Running Time: Approx. 60 minutes
Price: $14.95 ea.
Attitude Tee's Debra T-Shirt Debra "Can I Play With Your Puppies?" T-Shirt (Attitude Tees)
Available in Adult (sizes L and 2X)
Closeout: $9.99