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Stuff that just doesn't seem to fit anywhere else. Or that I'm just to lazy to put there :)

With some help from Red Hot Divas, here's a list of those whose careers were "handled" by Debra:

I probably should have kept a list of all of Debra's matches — not that there were that many of them mind you...ahem. Her first singles match was against Ivory on March 1, 1999. I believe Debra won but don't quote me on that.

Won her first WWF Women's title from Sable (with a little help from Shawn Michaels) on May 10, 1999, and lost it to Ivory on June 8, 1999. Mostly, however, she's been involved in evening gown/bikini matches, mixed-tag matches and several catfights. She was involved in the six woman "sudden death tag match" at the 1999 Survivor Series, where she ripped Terri's top off. I believe that was the last actual "match" she was involved in to date.

Since being off WWF TV, Debra has been going to the gym and training regularly with Steve Austin — and there's talk that she may be involved in the Women's belt scene again. Nothing's set in stone, but if she could learn a few moves, she might be an even better champion next time around. (Then again, anyone's better than Rena Mero...oops...)

Debra stands 5'6", has green eyes and is a Pisces; she has stated in the past that she would pose for Playboy if the price was right. (And according to the rumour that the WWF has signed an exclusive contract with Playboy, who knows? It might be possible)

She has also said that she can be quite shy and is really more of a tomboy than the "Debra" you see on TV; she's listed some of her hobbies as reading, gardening and hunting, and is close backstage with Chyna. Debra is also quite a hunter (nooooo!)—she shot/killed a stag that impressed even Austin, though she said she felt bad about it afterwards. (As well she should! Hmph)

Debra once met her then-idol Morgan Fairchild on a flight. She said that Fairchild came off as a snob and totally turned Debra off as a fan.

In a February 19, 1997 Prodigy interview with Bob Ryder, Eric Bischoff had this to say about Debra:

Question: Is Debra McMichael having lots of fun? Enjoying seeing her come into her own, first playing the victim then turning heel. She's drawing more heat than most of the wrestlers!

Bischoff: Debra McMichael is probably one of the surprise finds in our industry in a long time. She has an incredible amount of talent, plays well to the camera and has an uncanny feel for our industry.