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This is by no means a complete, indepth biography on Steve; there are a lot of Steve Austin websites out there that can tell you more than I probably ever could. If you'd like to add or correct something here, e-mail me

* Born Steven Williams on December 18th, 1964 in Victoria, Texas. His parents divorced and his mother re-married

* Has three brothers and a sister. Their father taught all the kids to hunt

* Played little league baseball, track, football and tennis; met his first wife on the tennis court

* Was trained by, and feuded with, Chris Adams. His second wife, Jeanie (who later became Steve's valet "Lady Blossom") was married to Chris but left him for Steve. Together they have two little girls, and I believe Jeanie and Chris have a daughter from their relationship...?

* Wrestled in the Dallas area feds until Jim Ross, then-WCW's vice-president of television, spotted him and brought him to Atlanta, where Steve quickly became Television Champion and formed a friendship with the late Brian Pillman

* They became the tag team "The Hollywood Blonds" but were broken up due to backstage politics; soon after, Hogan entered WCW and Steve was released by Eric Bischoff over the phone while healing from injuries

* Made a brief stop in ECW before meeting with Vince McMahon and joining the WWF

* His first gimmick was "The Ring Master", which he hated. He was paired for a short while with Ted DiBiase

* During King of the Ring 1996, Austin made his infamous Austin 3:16 speech and became "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

* Had a recurring character (Jake Cage) on the show "Nash Bridges" and has appeared on "Celebrity Death Match" as well as "The Weakest Link"

* In 1999 he was profiled on A&E's Biography and was one of People Magazine's most interesting people

* Divorced second wife Jeanie in 1999; Steve has full (?) custody of both girls

* Married Debra Marshall on September 13, 2000