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Baby Doll

Joanie Lauler stood in the graveyard, she placed her hand on the huge tombstone.

"Oh Debs, why? Why did you do it? Were things really that bad after I left? If I knew my leaving would have done this to, I would have reconsidered. I should have known something like this would have happened. First Stacy leaving, and now me. "

She kneeled down and placed a dozen roses on the ground in front of the tombstone.

"I assumed Steve would take care of you after I left. I was wrong. He was too busy with Vince. crap, Debs, you should have known I would have come back sooner or later. I love you too much to leave you for too long."

She pushed a lock of her long black hair behind her right ear.

"Debs, Debs, Debs. I dont know who I'm madder at for this. Me for leaving you when you begged me not to, Steve, for never putting up his guns. Or you, for doing this to yourself. Me and my stupid contract negotiations. I should have stayed with you in the WWF honey. We were good together. You know I will love you always. I always have."

She stood up and patted the tobstone.

"Take care Debra. I love you, and I will see you soon."

As she got in her car and started it up, LA Guns began to play over the radio.

You were always on my mind
Childlike summer days in the sun
Slowly wishes turn to sadness
Time don't heal a broken gun

"It's true, Time doesn't heal a broken gun, not in this case."