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When most people think of Debra, the first thought that comes to their minds is...ugh..."puppies".
But Debra is a beautiful woman for reasons other than her breasts and I'm curious to know what others find attractive about her. Is it her eyes, her smile, her hair? Or something more intangible like her personality?
Form is from Response-O-Matic

Your Name: Polly (www | @)
What makes Debra beatiful? I love her eyes - they're a beautiful green colour; it's obvious she takes care of herself and her legs are stunning. She seems like such a cutie, it's hard not to like her :)

Name: JoJo Wong (www | @)
What makes Debra beautiful? Her puppies, smile, greenish eyes, and overall her body is so gorgeous!!!

Name: Bobby (www | @)
What makes Debra beautiful? She is so sweet and has so many talents and is so special to so many people