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Send Send Send!
As you can tell by looking to your left, I'm looking for participation from Debra fans on the Net. If you've ever met Debra (or any other WWF star) and want to relate the meeting in a report and photos, by all means send!

If you've written a story or a poem or even a song relating to Debra, send it in! Same goes for any drawings or digital art you have of our favourite Diva! (So long as it's tasteful)

Check the Other section and see how else you can participate! Don't make me come over there...

  • Encounters and fanfics should be sent in either HTML, TXT or RTF format.

  • All graphics/photos should be in either JPG or GIF format, or as a very last resort, BMP.

  • I would ask that you try to keep spelling and grammar mistakes down to a minimum and I do reserve the right to edit entries so they make sense. Contributions can be sent to