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This set contains links to Debra, Steve Austin or WWF Diva-related sites. Submit a link but please!, no "" urls! SuperStars
Fairly obvious considering Debra works for the WWF and all...

Divaville (neé Debraholics Anonymous)
Stuff on every WWF Diva

Debra Fanz!!
Hasn't been updated in a while

The Delight of Debra
One of the first (?) Debra websites in existance

The Debra Fan Club
The best unofficial Debra fan club available; hopefully Debra will make it official :)

Fan Club: Debra's Disciples
Hasn't been updated since 1999

Yahoo! Club: Debra McMichael Is Hot
Finally a Debra fan club!

Yahoo! Club: Women of the WWF
Find what you're looking for on the chicks of the WWF

The Pup Pound
An older website dedicated to Debra - not much works on it

Debra McMichael Glove Gallery
Assorted photos of "Queen" Debra's evening gloves

Debra's Puppy Pound
A brand new Debra dedication!

Chyna, Molly, Lita, Trish, Tori, Kat and Debra
Fan club dedicated to all these ladies

Chyna, Lita and Debra
Another club for Chyna, Lita and Debra

Southern Hospitality
A brand-new Debra fan site; so far, it looks great and it'll only get better

Official Women of Wrestling
Not exactly "official", but has something on just about every woman in wrestling

World Wrestling Women
Lots of pictures, lots of links
Large women of wrestling website
Of course I have to put some Austin sites in here; the official webpage

House Of Austin
The absolute best Steve Austin tribute - RedSonia has a ton of stuff on Steve, and even a section for Debra!

The Book of Trix 3:16
Mainly an Austin/Rock dedication

Lovely Lita!
I think that's an oxymoron...

The People's Republic Of Chyna
A large, well-put together site on everything Chyna

The Stephanie Sector
A terrific Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley site

Amy Dumas, Better Known As Lita
An up-and-coming Lita (ugh) site

Mobile's Molly
Next to Debra and Beulah, Molly's one of my favourite women of wrestling

Unofficial Nora Greenwald Fan Club
Nora is Molly's real name, fyi; the first unofficial club

Unofficial Terri Runnels Tribute
A great tribute - I think it has more features on it than any other Terri site (seems to be gone?)
Directory of links to just about ever female celebrity today

Diva Designz!
Order free diva graphics

Ice Princess Chyna
A great Chyna site that hasn't been updated since February...?

A great Chyna site, recently renovated and soon to be re-opened

Regina Lillia
An excellent Ivory tribute

Lita Sux
Yes she does! :)

I Am Canadian!
A Trish Stratus shrine

TLC: Tori, Lita, Chyna
Originators of the Diva Dolls

Pro Wrestling Pix
One of the best WOW sites around; lots of pictures scanned or snapped by the webmaster himself

NEW!! The Lovely Divas
Brand new site dedicated to the WWF and Alliance Divas; go visit!