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Other sites that I enjoy—not necessarily wrestling-related.

Live Audio Wrestling
Canadian radio wrestling show;
see Debra's past interview with them
"All the wrestling bitterness you can stand" - and then some! ;)

The PSOD - A Christian Site
I like Christian and I like this site. What more do you need to know?

Mad Phat Wrestling
Hasn't been updated in forever, but it's still hysterical

Chicks On Wrestling
Weekly TV reviews and PPV reviews when necessary; also a humour site
I think they've shut down...? Damn!

DDT Digest
Was a WCW site with tons of wrestling links

Angels Will Fall
This is a rare site: a Jeff Hardy (*heave*) dedication that's not stupid!

News, pics, etc

Christian Net
A must see! (Again, for the WRESTLER Christian, not the religion)
Well...I'm not her biggest fan, but what the hell? :)

WWF Central
Lots of stuff; go visit
Columns, news, pictures and WOW magazine

Dean Malenko Eats Dogs
A humour site—Dean doesn't really eat dogs.
(Or does he?)

CRZ's [slash] Wrestling
Tons of reviews and news-worthy stuff

Edge 6:32
I like Edge. I like this site. Shoo.

Center For The Easily Amused
That'd be me

Cool Homepages
Great place to get ideas for website design

Ask Satan
Heh heh

Project Cool Sightings
Another great place for design ideas

The Secret Society For Canadian World Conquest
<insert evil laughter here>

The Dean Malenko Fan Page
Has extensive information, tons of links and just about everything else you could want on The Iceman

Master Mind of the Game
A great Triple H fan site - it's on Hypermart, so beware of their pop-ups!