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W E L C O M E . . .

November 8, 2004 . . .

Although Debra is no longer part of wrestling (at least for the time being) and news about her is generally scarce, I did and still do adore her and her character and I like this site far too much to let it die off completely. Hence I've re-vamped and slightly updated.

While updates will likely be very infrequent, I want to keep TDDDS going as an archive. Even if there is little to no interest in Debra by the general wrestling public any more, as long as I'm interested, this site will keep going.

So feel free to look around and if you have anything Debra-related you'd like to submit -- pictures, articles, news, links, whatever -- that isn't already up, feel free to send it in. Depending on the amount of energy I have and the interest in site visitors, I may once again start up the Debra Forums.

Most of this update is just aesthetic -- new layout, some sections have been re-organized/removed/updated. I may start taking new affiliates if anyone is interested.

Update: According to LordsofPain, who got the news from PWInsider, Debra was backstage at tonight's RAW in Austin, TX. Allegedly she was scouting around to see what her chances of a return are but sources say her attitude is "worse than it was when she was with Stone Cold". She has also reportedly gotten some plastic surgery and still looks "hot". We shall see if this develops into anything. :D