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Find any news or rumours that I've missed? I don't claim that anything listed here is 100% accurate, swear-on-a-stack-of-bibles, the honest-to-goodness truth; rumours may or may not be true and Internet wrestling news can be 50/50 at best. I try to stick to the "most reliable sources" but no one's perfect.

FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2001

Various reports around the 'Net indicate that the original ending to the angle with Debra/Rock/Steve/Vince was to have Debra turn on the Rock as well and join up with Steve and Vince as a heel. Austin was reluctant to be put in an angle with his wife, however, and dragged his feet, which probably led to Debra's storylines getting so messed up. Gahh.

FRIDAY, MARCH 09, 2001

According to Poetry in Motion, the special edition of the RAW Magazine, featuring the ladies' Jamaica photos, is scheduled to be released in May. It'll allegedly be about 120 pages. They also report that the WWF will be releasing another diva video called "Divas in Hedonism" to be released April 3, 2001. Visit the page on


From Lords Of Pain:
Debra Marshall, Steve Austin's wife, says she has never been happier. "I can't tell you how addictive it is to walk out in front of thousands of people who are holding up signs of you and chanting your name and doing the 'puppies' thing," she said.

Regarding her relationship with Steve McMichael falling apart, Debra said that he changed when they got into wrestling.

Regarding the differences between WCW and the WWF, she said: "There were things that I had a hang-up with over there. I didn't think it was fair in the writing. It was almost like if you were with a certain clique or a certain writer, no matter if you were talented or not, you would get a push. It was whoever could brown-nose whoever. Here they're so fair and if you think about it, this is the whole background of wrestling. It's such a breath of fresh air to work around. It's a joy to come to work. It's so much fun. The people are easy to work with, all the girls get along, and everybody is here to make the best product possible."

Although the locker room harmony in general is at an all-time high, the women continue to be the most volatile for management to deal with. [WTF?! - p]


Washington, DC fans: If you're planning to attend Inauguration weekend January 19 to 21 the WWF is holding a "Smackdown Your Vote!" celebration, which will feature Debra, Kurt Angle and Linda McMahon as guest speakers. More details are available at the WWF website.

WWF writers are brainstorming another idea for Debra. Apparently they want to move her out of being Lt. Commish and into a new role, possibly backstage interviewer. Hopefully this would/will mean more TV time for Debra, although I think they may want to work with her on her promo skills ;)

There's an article on Debra in the February 2001 edition of the WWF Magazine. I'll try to pick it up when it's available in Canada and get any pictures onto the site ASAP.

Debra will be appearing (along with Steve Austin and several other WWF stars) at the rescheduled OVW show on January 31, 2001. According to their website, tickets for the cancelled December 13th show will be honoured that night.