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* Date of Birth: Mid-1999
* Webmistress: Polly Esther
* Layout: Summer 2002 / Always Thinking Of You
* Our Host: Tripod
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* Our Thoughts: Are with Debra as well as our love

Heh, OK, I'm not quite sure what's going on with the site hosting. I may have to find somewhere else. *scratches head* I'm really not sure. (Or I can go into debt and buy my own domain. Egads ;))

If you're receiving unsolicited e-mails from my address, PLEASE let me know! (I'm not actually sending them, but somehow these messages are being sent out through the id and it's pissing me off)

* A new layout for summer, I think it's kinda purdy...

* Added a new clique: I'm Always Thinking Of You

* Until I can find somewhere to put the site, I've had to remove some files like all the old awards that TDDDS had won and the PSDs. Pfft.

diabolical plug / forums
Polly got diabolical on Monday, June 17, 2002