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Tuesday, October 09, 2001: I'm having major problems with my computer right now. Once I'm able to upload again, I'll get plenty of screencaps from Debra's appearance. I hope that won't take too long...

In the first hour of the show, we only see Debra twice: arriving at the building and later talking on her cellphone.

Finally partway into hour two, The Coach and Trish introduce everyone's favourite Southern blonde (to her new Titantron video too!). Debra's character is apparently supposed to be in as bad a mood as her husband 'cause she's REALLY surly tonight.

  • QUESTION: What does Debra think of the "No Alliance members at ringside" rule for Monday's title match.
    Debra thinks that's a stupid question as she never accompanies Steve to ringside anyway.

  • PHONE CALL: Ashley from New Mexico Wants to know if now that Kurt Angle is the "toughest SOB", will Steve be able to regain his status and the WWF title/
    Debra says that's a ridiculous question since Kurt Angle isn't even in the same league or category as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

  • E-MAIL: Bryan R from Indiana Wants to know who Debra thinks is the best choice to lead the Alliance in Steve's absence.
    Debra says that Steve has proven himself time and again and deserves a break. Says no one can replace Steve Austin.

  • E-MAIL: Cassie in Florida Wants to know why Debra puts up with the way Steve treats her.
    Debra says that at work Steve is intense and hyper; at home it's a completely different story. She says if he talks back at home, he ends up with a couple of knots in his head.

  • QUESTION: Trish wants to know if Steve has changed since he lost the title.
    Debra says he's disappointed byt looking forward to winning back his title.

  • E-MAIL: Amanda from Florida How does Debra feel about Steve los