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Debra's first appearance on the show was a crappy one. Enjoy the pretty pictures :)

OCTOBER 6, 2001
After seeing Debra arrive and chat on her cellphone, the beginning of hour two brings the special guest out to answer questions and chat with fans. Immediately, Debra is on the defensive.

Studio Question: Coach and Trish ask Debra what she thinks about the "No Alliance Members At Ringside" ruling for the Austin/Angle match on Raw. Debra says it's a stupid question as she doesn't accompany her husband to ringside anyway

Phone Call: Ashley from New Mexico asks if, since Kurt Angle is now the "Toughest SOB", Steve will be able to regain the title and his status? Debra says Kurt Angle isn't even in the same league or category as her husband

E-mail Question: Bryan R from Indiana wants to know who Debra thinks is the best choice to lead th Alliance in Steve's absence. Debra says Steve has proven himself time and again and deserves a break. Says no one can replace Steve

E-mail Question: Cassie in Florida wants to know why Debra puts up with the way Steve treats her. Debra says at work Steve is intense but at home he treats her much differently. She says if he talks back at home, he ends up with a couple of knots on his head

Studio Question: Trish asks if Steve has changed since he lost the title. Debra says he's disappointed but he's looking forward to winning it back

E-mail Question: Amanda from Florida questions how Debra feels about Steve losing the title and how has it affected her. Is Steve jealous of RVD? Debra replies that Steve didn't lose the title -- he was screwed out of it and even Earl Hebner admitted it. She doesn't answer the other two questions

Phone Call: Dean from California wants to know how Steve considered going after the WCW title? Debra says she's not going to answer that question as it's all about Monday night and the WWF title

They break for commercials and when they return, Coach and Trish talk about The Hurricane. Debra gets annoyed with their ribbing and informs them that the Hurricane is important to the Alliance

E-mail Question: Jefferey Samano from Torrance asks what the recipe for the famous Debra cookies. Debra says she can't divulge that information as she plans to market the cookies someday

Phone Call: Kenneth from Virginia has his TV turned up too loud. Pinhead. He wants to know why Steve is scared of Kurt Angle? Debra replies that Kenneth talks big from the other side of the camera and would like to see him say that to Steve's face

Phone Call: Robert from Philadelphia is a total washout. He starts to talk then stumbles over his words. Moron. They move on to...

E-mail Question: Mitch wants to know the difference between the old WCW and the WWF, from Debra's point of view? She says it's like night and day. WCW had no vision, no organization and was a big mess. Says the other company missed the boat

Phone Call: Monica from Iowa asks where Stone Cold has been; Debra says he's definately been with his wife but that's all she can say. After that, Debra says she's had enough and is leaving

Debra arrives Heading into the green room Looking at her cellphone Exasperated
Pacing Debra's Titantron Debra's Titantron Debra enters
Shaking Trish's hand Shaking Coach's hand Debra, Trish, Coach Gesturing
Speaking The first call Holding her hand up Hands clasped
First e-mail Answering All three Debra
All three Holding up her hand Second e-mail Laughing/gasping
Hand up All three Pointing at Coach Still pointing
Trish listens Debra Third e-mail Leaning forward
All three Debra Second phone call Answering
Debra All three Going to break Back from break
Fourth e-mail Pointing at Coach again Shrugging Debra and Trish
Another phone call Exasperated Pointing at Kenneth Smiling
Another phone call Answering Another e-mail Debra
Listing off stuff All three Debra Debra
Another phone call Debra Debra Pointing
All three Debra Debra Debra