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Debra appeared once, briefly, on the first season of the show with husband Steve Austin. This is not a complete report, just what Debra said.

After Debra got out of the car and rang the doorbell, they were forced to wait around outside as the "kids" didn't know that the ringing noise was the doorbell. (Apparently they thought it was either the clock or the phone) Finally two of them went outside and were shocked to see Steve and Debra. Eventually everyone went inside and Steve began telling them a bit about his time in wrestling. He said he appreciated the sacrifices Debra made while he was injured.

Nidia asked Debra what it's like to be a woman in wrestling; Debra's answer was that females are just the candles and "you have to respect that the men make the money". Nidia and the other girl (sorry I don't know all of their names) rightfully complained about this comment and said they wanted to be more than "candles". I personally don't understand why Debra would say something like that unless she was told to or is a little bitter about how her role has been diminished. Hmmm...

That was about the end of their involvement in this episode. Thank goodness.

Debra's leg | Debra leads the way | Debra and Steve | Ringing the doorbell
Waiting | Steve rings the bell | Still waiting | Debra and Steve exchange a look
The kids come out | Debra reaches to shake hands | Debra | Listening
Speaking | Clip: Debra & Steve | Clip: Debra & Her Cookies | The back of Debra's head