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If I ever do get images of the PPVs, they're likely from ... unless there's another site out there that does them too?

"Backstage, Debra complains to Sara about DDP kidnapping her on Smackdown. Sara says after Undertaker gets done with DDP tonight there will be nothing left for Austin." — From Lords of Pain

Check later today or tomorrow for full results, photos and videos of the event.

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No Judgment Day for me, so can anyone tell me if it was any good? Anyhoo—Debra's character remains stagnant and, dare I say it, boring. She appeared in a couple of vignettes and basically did nothing of any importance. Unless maybe she finally got them some coffee.

Head on over to for more pictures and complete results of the show.

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May 2001: Debra made a brief appearance at the PPV; the only thing that happened is the same thing that's been happening on every show Debra's appeared on for the last month or so—Austin, Triple H and Stephanie asked her to go get them some coffee. [more PPV pics]

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Rebellion started as a taxi drove pulled up the arena. Commissioner Mick Foley and Lt. Commissioner Debra stepped out of the cab and they walked to the arena. This was followed by a long promo shown featuring the competitors for the Main Event match. Finally, the pyrotechnics started up, and Jim Ross introduced the event.

Mick Foley and Debra came out to the ring together to begin the show. Foley got on the mic and discussed the situation with Triple H, explaining that he wanted to be in the Main Event for the tonight. Foley told the fans that he ordered Triple H out of the Main Event for Rebellion. He began to make fun of Triple H, and then got his usual huge cheap pop from the crowd by saying "RIGHT HERE IN SHEFFIELD ENGLAND!" Debra then took control on the mic and announced that a no Disqualification/Count Out stipulation would be added to the Main Event match.

This announcement brought out the WWF Champion Kurt Angle. Kurt was without a doubt displeased with the stipulation added to his WWF Title Match. He grabbed a mic and started to talk about the Fatal Fourway and said it was a disgrace. He then went on to make fun of the English and that they have won hardly any Olympic Gold medals. Angle then told Foley that "Us legends need to stick together." A huge "Asshole" chant fell over the crowd directed toward Angle and all three then left the ring. Angle argued with them about the decision as they walked to the backstage area. [Thanks to for the report]