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Updated whenever Debra is on the show. Images are courtesy of Wrestling Screenshtos

Debra and Steve arrive at the arena and run into Shawn "Meat" Stasiak. He and Steve exchange pleasantries and Steve sends him on his way with some kind parting words. Then he turns to Debra and asks who that was. I couldn't understand what Debra said.

Later Steve runs into Stacy Keibler and is persuaded to try one of her cookies. While he's busy scarfing it down, Debra arrives and is none too pleased with her hubby. While Steve tells her how great she looks tonight and tries to suck up, Debra is not buying. When we next see them, however, Debra is back to being supportive of her husband, informing Lance Storm that Steve will take up Angle's challenge because he's "Stone Cold" Steve Austin! Austin tells her to sit down.

Next Steve complains that he's hungry; Debra points out that he's holding one of her cookies. Steve insults her and Debra takes her cookies and leaves...heading out to the ring for an "impromptu" taste test. She hands some of her "Debra's Homemade Homestyle Cookies" to the front row and is met with rave reviews. Too bad Steve gets jealous and interrupts her.

The two fight over the microphone until finally Debra gets a hold of it and tells off her husband. "How can you treat me like that?" she wants to know, but Steve completely blows her off. While his back is turned Debra clears the cookies off the tray and when he turns back around she CRACKS the tray over Steve's skull! Thoroughly pissed, she leaves the area, with Steve grovelling on the mat, yelling after her that he loves her cookies!

His momentary lapse is soon forgotten as he goes on to talk about Kurt Angle...and I stopped listening after that :)

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"Mr. McMahon was sitting in his office when Stone Cold and Debra entered. The Rattlesnake sat down with Vince, and the Federation chairman said that this Sunday would be magical because the "old" Stone Cold was back! Vince said he never had a doubt that the raging Rattlesnake would return, and he asked Austin to give him a hug. Stone Cold said he didn't want to hug him, which upset the chairman.

Back in his office, Vince was on the phone. He hung up, and explained to Austin and Debra that he was just told that his divorce proceedings were officially on hold. A celebratory-minded Vince then told the couple that he had a great way to celebrate, leaving the room saying he would be right back.

Back in Mr. McMahon's locker room, Austin and Debra were waiting for Vince when the chairman entered the room with a guitar. Vince said he wanted to sing a version of "Welcome Back, Kotter" for Stone Cold. Mr. McMahon then sang "Welcome Back, Austin" to the Rattlesnake, but Stone Cold stopped him to tell Vince that his guitar was out of tune. Stone Cold then took the guitar and cracked it over Mr. McMahon's head, knocking out the chairman!

The main event of SmackDown! pitted WCW Champion Booker T and Rhyno against Federation Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin and Olympic hero Kurt Angle. A pumped-up Stone Cold started the match with a bang, hitting consecutive Stunners on both Booker T and Rhyno within the first minute of the match! Suddenly, up on the Ovaltron, DDP was screaming at Austin. He showed the Rattlesnake that he had abducted Debra and thrown her in the trunk of his car. Page said that if he wanted his wife back, he could come and get her, which immediately prompted the Bionic Redneck to sprint to the backstage area." From (full results/photos/videos)

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Poor Debra has to sit through Steve's renditions of "Kumbaya" and "We Are The Champions"...then Kurt Angle's version of "Jimmy Crack Corn"...and for nothing! Poor woman :)


Debra is the only female left in the New Corporation...type thing...y'know...


Steve tries desperately to suck up to Vince by giving him his bow and some arrows, his hunting cap, a framed picture of the two of them together (he even sings!) and has Debra stay up all night baking cookies. She says they're the best thing she's ever baked, and if the look on Vince's face is any indication, Debra should stick to her day job ;)

Later, Vince disappears and Steve is worried. He piles the presents for Vince on Debra but refuses to bring her cookies with them.