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April 22 Off The Record Interview

        Host: Michael Landsberg
        Guests: Debra, Honky Tonk Man, Chris Pritchett (Anaheim Angels)

For those who don't know, OTR is a sports talk show on TSN (Canadian sports network). It's on weekdays at 6:00 p.m. You get the idea. Anyway, this is just a quick, basic run down of what Debra said on the show.

* * * *

        - Agreed with Honky that fans shouldn't have to support a team they don't care for. Says is wrestling, you have to be entertaining, which applies to all sports.

        - In response to Michael's question about loyalty, she basically said that it's about entertainment.

        - Said that Mongo often fought injured (broken ribs, etc) and never missed a game (said he set a record), but was fired because he was "getting too old".

        - Agreed with Honky and Chris that, while Scotty Pippen driving drunk was wrong -- what he does off the court in none of the NBA's business. Also asked that is someone got messed up at home, but is fine at work, is that a problem?

        - Said we only hear what the media says; they get the information, blow it out of proportion, etc., etc. By the time we get the story, it's totally twisted.

        - QUIRKY FACT: Honky Tonk Man is Jerry Lawler's cousin

        - Discussing rule breaking: asks Chris how he pushes rules; agrees with and enjoys rule breaking (within limits).

        - Says she enjoys when the players fight on the field, but admits that it's wrong (the fighting, not enjoying it :)).

        - Has no problem with Sable posing in Playboy. Says when "one of the girls" is promoted, they all benefit; "If she can pull in more fans, that's more money in our pockets."

        - Said if the money's there, she'd pose too. Then promoted the SkyDome show, etc. etc.

* * * *

        At that point my tape cut off, but other reports say the show ended there with not much else said.