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Byte This! - October 19, 2000
Guest - "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

I swiped this off of - it was posted by Manny A, so credit him for this. I've edited it slightly for spelling, punctuation and aesthetics and deleted some stuff that wasn't relevant. The entire report can be found at 1wrestling. You can watch Byte This! at the WWF website.

HOSTS: Dr. Tom Pritchard and Jonathan Coachman
GUEST: Steve Austin

[Note: Manny placed "kayfabe" comments in bold; I've simply put an asterisk (*) beside them; questions/quotes relating to Debra are in peacock-y blue]

- Preview of Stone Cold's appearance on Byte This tonight. They received thousands of emails for Austin. (Note: Don't they say that every week?)

- Steve Austin joined the show.

Question: His return to the WWF
Steve mentioned that "it sucks" to have your career stopped all of a sudden. He is happy as hell to be back with the WWF. However, he has to work off the ring rust. He had to lay off the beer and enchiladas for a while to get back into shape. It has been a lot of work and there is a lot more to go to be back in the mix with the stars of the WWF. Steve feels that he was put here [on Earth] to wrestle in the WWF.

Question: Debra
Steve appreciates that Debra took time off to be with him, when she was one of the top females in the WWF. When he left, he was a solo act so he does not think that they will be paired together. He wants to get his head back in the game. He wants to be at the top of the WWF and if their paths cross down the road, then it would be fine.

Question: Deer Hunting
He likes to hunt out in South Texas. He and Debra recently killed a deer at a ranch in Texas (Note from deer: I resent that). There are a couple of other hunters in the WWF, but not quite like he is.

Question: Tony Falk (ref in his first match)
Steve put him over as being instrumental in getting his career started.

Question: Rikishi
* Steve does not know what he will do in the ring since he has been away for so long but he plans to open a "can of whoop ass". He is not second guessing Rikishi because he has put himself in the limelight. He hates Rikishi but respects his physical and mental tools. In a way, he is reminded of himself in Rikishi. Steve is coming for payback at No Mercy.

Question: The Rock
* Steve does not have any heat with the Rock over what Rikishi did because he thinks it is all BS anyway. He feels that the Rock would have been on top of the WWF even if he had not left because he is a top notch talent.

Question: His appearance on the Howard Stern show where he said he did not want to get remarried.
Both he and Debra are from the South and share many of the same qualities. She is very honest and nice and not quite the way her character appears on TV So, you can never say never.

Question: Can You Take the Heat?
He will be on Live with Regis on October 27th plugging the cookbook. He has always enjoyed going on that show. He was hoping that Jim Ross would be there too but that is not going to happen. Steve put over JR being the best announcer in the business and he has no problem helping plug JR's cookbook.

Question: Shawn Michaels
Steve would be more than happy to wrestle Shawn again. He feels that Shawn was a great talent * but has a bit of a big mouth, which a fist might close.

Question: Changes in the WWF
Steve feels that change is good sometimes. The USA network thing did not work out and he is glad to be part of TNN. Many of the guys in the back have also really stepped it up in the ring.

Question: WWF title
He was not thinking a lot about wrestling in the time he was off. He also needs to knock off some of his ring rust. He needs to get himself into better conditioning to be worthy of wearing the WWF title. There are many great top performers in the WWF right now.Steve feels that the Rock will hold on to the title at No Mercy. However, he put over Kurt Angle as easily being rookie of the year. He has never seen someone rise to the top so fast.

Question: Favorite matches in the WWF
WrestleMania and Backlash matches against the Rock.
WrestleMania 13 against Bret Hart.
House show matches against Triple H.

Question: XFL
Steve predicts the XFL to be a success. He hopes to be able to watch it, if his time permits.

Question: New theme music
Steve loves the new theme music. He met the guys form Disturbed at WWF New York. He put over Jim Johnston and the group for doing a great job and hopes that Disturbed has a successful career. He added that they are all big time wrestling fans.

Question: WrestleMania
Steve does not know what he will be doing but he will be looking forward to the WWF selling out the Astrodome. He has been there many times and it will be special to him.

- Tickets for WrestleMania will go on sale November 11th. Steve and other WWF superstars will be there on November 8th.

- Byte This's neighborhood lesbian caller came on and asked Steve about Debra and when she will be returning. She mentioned that she was really into Debra's business outfits but she wishes that she could have been more "into" them. She also asked Steve if she will be doing any risque movies, which he did not understand. Coach and Tom then explained to Steve what she meant.

Question: Biggest joy in coming back to the WWF
The adrenaline rush that he gets when entering the arena. He is also very happy that he is being productive again. He added that he is happy to be getting paid again.

Question: Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
Steve considers his best matches ever were with Steamboat. He would love to see him as an agent because of his knowledge of wrestling and ring psychology. In his opinion, Steamboat is one of the best to ever get into the ring.

Question: Helping guys in the back
Steve will always help someone if they ask him. However, they have to want to help themselves first. He put over Triple H as being the best wrestler in the United States. He talked about working in the USWA against a masked wrestler, who later yelled at him for having a bad match. He made Steve grab a chair and watch the matches. He still watches about 75 percent of the matches on the card right now.

Question: Wanting to wrestle guys in any federation
Steve would not mind having a match with pretty much anyone in the WWF but he does not see anyone in WCW that he would want to compete with in a match (Note: We know he wouldn't mention Jeff Jarrett). He put over Chris Benoit as being the second best wrestler, depending on the criteria. He also put over Raven as having an interesting style and being a good worker. He also foresees Steven Regal being a top worker in the WWF down the line.

- Raven will be on Byte This next week. William Regal will be on in 2 weeks.