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Except for any offsite items, I've re-typed all the articles in this section myself. I'm not sure if that's entirely permissable but regardless, they're here.

I don't care if you wanna use them on your own site, just let me know and please provide a link to TDDDS and please save and upload them to your OWN server.

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Is Everyone Beneath Debra McMichael?
Bill Banks, February 1999

Is Owen Hart "In Love" With Debra?
Bill Banks, April 1999

Debra: Smarter Than The Average Woman
Lucas, August 1999

Double Trouble?
Robert J. Bledsoe, January 2000

Debra Lays Down The Law
Laura, February 2001

Married to the Mob
Aaron Williams, July 2001

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Inside The Ladies' Locker Room
Laura, March 1999

Girlz On The Road
Laura, July 1999

Your Customer Service Reps
Bill Banks, August 1999

Women of the WWF: Then And Now
Laura, August 1999

A Tarnish On The "Golden Couple"?
The Informer, August 1999

Debra Feature: Blonde Ambition
Laura Bryson, December 2000

NEW!! When Business Meets Pleasure
Phil Speer, January 2002

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Is Debra Committed To Her Men?
Wrestling Superstars, June 1999

Hot Seat: Debra
Inside Wrestling, November 1999

ProCheerleading: Debra McMichael
Offsite article on Debra

Will Debra Ice Stone Cold?
Inside Wrestling, October 2001

PWI Women of Wrestling: Debra
Special edition magazine, Fall 2001

Best Friends
Phil Spear, article

Who's Your Favorite Diva?
"Tim", commentary

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Off The Record: April 22, 1999
Canadian sports show

Debra @ WWFNY
September 2000 (

Debra's Valentine Fantasy
Lisa "Ivory" Moretti, special

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WWF AOL Chat: Debra
July 1999

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"Stone Cold" Steve Austin
October 19, 2000

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin II
January 25, 2001

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