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Interview conducted by Phil Speer

Former World Wrestling Federation Women's Champion Debra has been absent from Federation television for a while, but she says she'll be back soon. Even before that, she'll be marrying Stone Cold Steve Austin, the man who she's been taking care of for the last several months after he underwent serious spinal cord surgery. In a recent interview at WWF New York, Debra discussed her real-life relationship with the Texas Rattlesnake, as well as her career and a myriad of other topics.

What do you think of WWF New York?

I love it. I've actually lived here before, in 1995, so I'm really familiar with New York City and I love it. And to have part of the World Wrestling Federation here in New York now - it's so homey to come here. We've been here quite a few times now, Steve and I. And I just love it.

When are you returning to World Wrestling Federation television?

I'm definitely returning back to the WWF. I've been on a leave. My return will definitely be before Steve's. So just look for me every week. I could pop in in a couple of weeks. I doubt at SummerSlam, but right after that I'm sure.

Have you and Steve been watching the shows?

Well it's funny because he and I both didn't really watch them for a while. But then when I knew I was going to be coming back before Steve I started watching them. Now that Steve knows he's coming back too, he's watching them. Now we're both watching them.

What do you think about the shows lately?

I think it's really exciting. I'm glad to see all the new people that they've hired since we've been on our leave. I just think the show just keeps better and better and better. You think it's reached the top - it shocks us even - it just keeps going up and up and up.

What do you think of Commissioner Mick Foley?

I think he is a blast. Now I have to agree with Steve on the haircut. I think I like him with that bushy hair. But then again that's how I remember him. I have to say he is so wonderful on the mic. And the way he is carrying on this role as commissioner, I think no one else can do it better than Mick Foley.

Have you thought about any potential storylines for you upon your return?

I've thought, but I'm very flexible, so wherever the WWF sees fit that my character fits in the best, then I'll be more than happy to fill that.

What do you think of the WWF's "Smackdown Your Vote" campaign?

I think that is wonderful because it shows that our voice can be very powerful out there. And we are definitely a platform for a lot of power. We can definitely change history with all our fans.

Can I ask about your relationship with Steve?

Oh yes. I mean, it's wonderful and just like Steve said, we're definitely getting married real soon, like in a couple of weeks. We actually set a date but we're just sort of (keeping it quiet). We were going to have a big wedding and then it was like, "Oh my gosh." It was going to get out of hand. Then we were just gonna get married at the house. Then it was like, "Well, who do you invite? Who do you not invite?" And it would probably become a big old party. I mean, security, with Steve there in town, with everybody trying to get to the house So then we decided, "Well, let's just go to Vegas."

Are the two of you able to do normal relationship stuff, like go out to dinner and a movie?

Absolutely, believe it or not. It does not slow Steve down at all. We go everywhere. Most of the time we're always together. It's so funny, the other day in San Antonio, we went to a comic book store, and the man goes, "Hey, you are definitely a dead wringer for Stone Cold Steve Austin. Do people tell you that?" (Steve was) like, "Oh yeah, I hear it all the time." (And the man was) like, "Man, you should try to be like his stunt double or something." I was laughing so hard, because I was in the back of the room. The guy didn't even have a clue that it was Steve.

Do you two have a lot in common or is this a case of opposites attract?

No actually we have a lot in common. We both grew up in the South, in the country. I'm very outdoorsy, even though my character's really dressed up, but I like to be laid back in the country. We have a lot in common. We're both very vocal; we're both very aggressive with our personalities. We go after it. I go hunting with him. Actually we were on a hunting video. I actually shot a deer and Steve shot a deer and they had it on the video. But then I felt bad after I did it.

How difficult is it to make the adjustment from being on the road all the time to being at home?

It's quite an adjustment, but the thing with us was, Steve was injured, so the time we were off - and when I decided to take the leave to take care of Steve - we were busy because we were interviewing doctors and we were flying here and there. And then he had the surgery, so I was taking care of Steve during that period. And it's just really been the last two or three months that we've actually calmed down. But that's when we started working out and deciding about our comebacks. But I have to admit, traveling gets into your blood. And we really miss it.

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