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Tarnish on the "golden couple"?

        Jeff Jarrett and Debra have always had an interesting relationship. As the eyes and ears behind the scenes, it's the INFORMER's job to take note of potential potholes in a road otherwise paved with gold. After Jeff became the Federation Intercontinental Champion this past Memorial Day, yours truly began to notice a slight change in the duo's dynamic.

        Let me, the INFORMER, explain. Debra has always been a fan of precious metals. First, she was a collector of gold—then her tastes shifted to platinum. While these metal holdings were usually labeled American Express or Visa, Debra was never label conscious. But when she got some real gold, as in the Federation's Women Championship, something changed. Debra, in the INFORMER's opinion, began to believe she actually was a "wrestler".

        With the title came enormous media attention. All the tabloid TV shows featured her and Debra never met a microphone she didn't like. The questions were usually the same, focusing on her physical prowess and in-ring skill. The talking heads asking her the questions had no clue what Debra had or hadn't done. But these journalistic "black holes" never scratch below the surface of their teleprompters. They see championship belt, they assume "wrestler".

        Station after station, question after question, Debra spun the dimwitted media on her manicured finger like a Globetrotter does with a red, white and blue ball. Perhaps one of the best ambassadors this company has ever had, Debra was the belle of the ball—the media's darling. But the truth is... Debra, as we all know, can hardly be classified as a wrestler. Instead of being called "Federation personality" or "entertainer", she is now being called a wrestler... and champion at that. Was Debra beginning to believe her own press?

        Once Jeff got his own piece of gold, it seems that the "Golden Couple" as they were labeled, began to tarnish. Behind the scenes, Jeff internally bristled whenever Debra would refer to herself as a wrestler. She never meant to slight anyone who dons the tights on a nightly basis, but perhaps she couldn't help it. The media was filling her head with these accolades.

        In this day and age, who really cares what the media says? They are usually as accurate as a Shaquille O'Neal free throw, so why is Jeff bothered by what they say about Debra? Perhaps he is jealous of all the attention his female counterpart is getting.

        Jeff Jarrett has always been on the cusp of greatness. He is there right now. You can see him standing on the shore of the "main event", but it's as if he just ate and can't dive right in for fear of getting cramps. OK, what I, the INFORMER, am saying is that, in his opinion, Jeff Jarrett has been the one holding himself back. Until recently, that is. You can see the difference in intensity as Jarrett has cranked that AC on high and is still sweating.

        If he could get past the rumored differences with Debra, this "Golden Couple" will continue to shine. But Jeff always seems to pour the concrete himself which formed the speed bumps historically responsible for slowing him down. As a fan of Jeff, I, the INFORMER, certainly hope that water, sand, gravel and cement aren't being mixed in Jeff's mind over the media's characterization of Debra. Instead of momentum-breaking bumps, a split with Debra might ease Jeff's career into a pair of shoes made of the same hardening substance.

        What is the future for Jeff Jarrett and Debra? Just like the value of the metal itself, the "Golden Couple" is worth more as a handcrafted heirloom than a melted-down lump of raw material.

        Until next month... this has been... the INFORMER.