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WWF Divas Valentine's Special interview by Lisa "Ivory" Moretti

Debra's Valentine's Day fantasy
The guy: "I'm married to him."
The date: It's the end of the day on Valentine's, and she's not expecting anything. She has been out all day running errands. She gets home and is met at the door by her man, who says, "Happy Valentine's Day." He immediately takes the bags from her hands and guides her into the living room, where there's wall-to-wall flowers. It's a room full of mixed bouquets, all colors, shapes and sizes. Sweet smells, like honeysuckle and jasmine. They're all in fresh water. The fireplace is going, the candles are lit, there's a huge plate of cucumber rolls and expensive Cabernet. Mr. Froggy, her stuffed traveling companion, is there as well. Her man presents her with two cards one funny and one romantic. She changes into her baby blue cotton sweatpants and top -- her "comfies" -- and curls up on the couch next to him. Her cat curls up beside her. They watch a spooky ghost movie, during which she gets an exquisite foot massage.