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Is Owen "In Love" With Debra?
By Bill Banks - WWF Magazine, April/99

        Sure, everybody knows that outside of the World Wrestling Federation spotlight Owen Hart is happily married. So, you're probably wondering what that headline means. How could he be in love with another woman? Is he cheating on his long-suffering wife, Martha, who is back home in Calgary taking care of their two children? Has Debra won over the heart of the youngest member of the Hart clan?
        Actually, it's just the opposite. Is Owen in love with the idea of having a woman in his corner for the first time? The answer is no. For a young, second-generation superstar who has prided himself on being a winner his entire career, teaming with an athlete cut from the same mold, Jeff Jarrett, suited him perfectly. Nothing makes the Canadian happier than the mountain of wins he and his newfound partner are accumulating. What troubles him is that "she" is in their corner helping them.
        Now, Owen faces the biggest test to his pride ever—somebody who has never actively competed inside a wrestling ring, somebody half his size and weight who could never beat him physically at his craft. But when it comes down to who the majority of fans would rather see, Debra beats Owen hands down.
        Whether Hart welcomes her into the mix is irrelevant—he has to grin and bear it because there's an ingredient that the former pageant winner brings to the mixture that no other manager can. Perhaps, in his mind, Debra represents the new girlfriend of a best friend who threatens the friendship. However, she has proven her track record of success in many ways. Her air of superiority and confidence has rubbed off on Jarrett, allowing him to be more vocal and cutting edge. Her brains, beauty and lethal charm can upstage even the most dedicated opponent. Is Owen happy with the mountain of wins he and Jarrett have amassed? Of course. Would he rather acquire them without Debra's involvement? Of course.
        In many ways, Hart and the beautiful blonde have much in common as far as their personalities go. As opposed as their roles in the World Wrestling Federation, they might be two of a kind. Both crave the camera, and each has been just as cunning and manipulative as the other—which leads us to another question: Is Debra using Owen and Jeff? I think we all know the answer to that one.
        Even if she is manipulating Owen and Jeff, they still have garnered an abundance of prestige. Just by being near Debra, the Nashville native has seen his stock soar in the eyes of the fans. In a matter of weeks, the masses realized that wherever Jeff went, so went Debra. So, they eagerly anticipated a Jarrett match! Owen, as his tag team partner, has ridden on those coattails; but let's not forget that there is someone else in Owen's life as well.
        "There's a little bit of the Blue Blazer in each and every one of us," Owen told us all last year. Despite being revealed as the Blazer on one occasion — and Jeff Jarrett on another — the Blazer continues to be a part of Owen's life. It's almost as though the Blue Blazer is Owen's invisible friend. You know, the only one who listens, the only one who cares...
        While Jeff has Debra, Owen has the Blazer. Every time Debra undoes a button or winks her seductive blue eyes at an adversary, she gets what she wants. If Jeff is in trouble, Debra is there with the goods to bail him out. At the same time, when Owen is down and out, the Blazer is there to pick him up.
        Do you think that Jeff Jarrett cares who helps him? As long as the former Federation Intercontinental Champion gets his hand raised, he could care less. It seems that while Owen may not care for Debra's assistance, he likes the results nonetheless. Perhaps the Blazer is his own form of justification. Debra helps Jeff and the Blazer helps Owen. But perception is the biggest problem. Despite the success of Owen and Jeff, does anyone doubt that Debra is the MVP of this team?
        That is perhaps what bothers Owen the most. Once again, one of the most decorated champions in Federation history is taking the back seat. When will he say, "Enough is enough"? Might he part ways with Jarrett if Debra becomes too much for him to stomach?
        If it ever reached that point, Owen would have a tough decision to make. He would be faced with leaving a winning combination to go on his own or perhaps purposely undermining their manager's plans, which might possibly cause friction with Jarrett. Which poison would the Canadian choose? If only he could learn to accept Debra in his corner, the trio's success would span years into the next millennium.
        Then again, this tri is really a quartet. We can't forget about the Blue Blazer. It's inevitable that a blow-up will occur one day. Owen Hart doesn't love the idea of having Debra on his side. And someday, it might lead to a messy divorce...