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Double Trouble?
By Robert J. Bledoe

        In the business world, there are three different types of companies that exist: corporations, partnerships and sole-proprietorships. Each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

        In a corporation, there are more people to help pay liabilites, but also more people with whom to divide the profits. In a partnership, liability is still an issue, but there's only one other person with whom to split the spoils. And, in a sole-proprietorship, there's total liability, but the owner gets to keep all extra monies for himself.

        In the corporate world, business deals happen all the time. The same holds true for the World Wrestling Federation, where Superstars constantly look to increase their payoffs while minimizing their losses.

        So what's the deal behind the partnership between Debra and Chyna? Who stands to gain the most from such a move? And, more importantly, who will suffer the greatest loss? Moreover, do Debra's plans with Chyna include going from a partnership to a sole-proprietorship?

        A cursory look at both women reveals each knows how to hit men where it hurts most. Both are attractive and manipulative, despite the different avenues they travel to get where they want.

        With Debra, a man can easily fall prey to her "puppies". When she flashes that come-hither smile, this femme fatale mesmerizes men, turning them into silly putty.

        With Chyna, unless a man is willing to strike her when provoked, he will fall prey to her fists. But it's hard to hit a woman—especially one whose dazzling looks can result in a man turning punch-drunk.

        Both women are also experienced in keeping other Federation women in their places, by one means or another, when they step too far out of's not just the men who have to watch their step when it comes to this pair.

        Regardless of their made-up faces and painted nails, inside these women are hearts of stone and icy blood runs through their veins. Most importantly, both women have shown in the past they will do whatever it takes to get to the top, no matter who they have to cross.

        So is this a match made in heaven or one destined for hell? Does the World Wrestling Federation now have two lethal and vivacious vixens for every man and woman to fear?

        One has to wonder, though, what are Debra's real motivations for wanting to work in tandem with Chyna? Was this relationship just a little too hastily formed to be without any ulterior motives?

        Why would the dainty blond in the Donna Karan suits want to forge a relationship with the leather-clad, dark-haired beauty in boots? The answer to this question could be as simple as three little letters: "H-H-H".

        Debra has grown accustomed to being around champions. Until their recent fallout, seeing Debra with Jeff Jarrett was like watching clams in their shells. On more than one occasion, Debra smashed a guitar atop the head of some unfortunate Federation Superstar who was trying to wrest the Intercontinental title from her gravy train. Now that Debra and Jarrett have parted company, Debra is looking for a new meal ticket to the top.

        Triple H would seem to fit this bill perfectly. He, too, has learned that to get to the next level in the World Wrestling Federation, there's no room in looking out for others.

        So why not befriend the gatekeeper to gain access to the king? This question must have crossed Debra's mind. The only problem in this ideal scenario is that Chyna, the Ninth Wonder of the World, is the gatekeeper, and Debra has to be very cautious with her. How she deals with this could determine her success or failure.

        If it were to come down to a physical altercation between the two for Triple H's affection, there is no way Debra could compete with Chyna. She's not alone, however, as most women (and many men) fall into this category.

        But Debra is cunning, savvy, and shrewd. One has to wonder if she can be stopped when she has her mind set on achieving a goal. She's a real corporate type who knows how to close a deal. She also has something few men can resist—the "puppies". How long will it be before Triple H hears the bark?

        Chyna, on the other hand, is used to bashing heads to get to the top and staying there. Unlike Debra, Federation fans aren't really sure that Chyna has a side to her that showcases her boardroom prowess. Although her brand of wheeling-and-dealing has kept her at the top of her game, is it enough to match wits with Debra? As she's already seemingly got Triple H in her pocket and that she's preoccupied with gaining some gold of her own through her encounters with Jarrett, is Chyna ripe to be duped by a calculating Debra?

        Could this be Debra's plan in a nutshell: Get on Chyna's good side and eventually supplant her as Triple H's main squeeze? This, then, would safely establish her as the First Lady of the World Wrestling Federation. Debra's need for gold would then be satisfied and she would be able to bask in the spotlight of being the Federation's top woman, reaping all the rewards that come with such a bestowal.

        With Debra, the goal is to be the cream of the crop. Any woman could've fallen victim to Debra's devices if she dared interfere with her plants to reach the top. It's just that Chyna happens to be the top dog right now on the Women's front. She's also on the right-hand side of the champion. What better time could there be for Debra to kill two birds with one stone?